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5.11 RUSH 12 Backpack Passaround

Discussion in 'Passarounds' started by ethernectar, Jul 11, 2010.

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    Gryffin Loaded Pockets

    Bummer. I was looking forward to checking it out and writing it up.

    ethernectar Empty Pockets

    Been burried with work deadlines and travel. Haven't been on the site much, only saw the PM notification the other day. Don't know what else to tell you.

    CrustyD3mon Loaded Pockets

    what i need to try that bag? i'm looking to buy one...but can't find pictures with somebody wearing it...seems a good way to try one...i'm from Portugal...its that a problem ?

    antonic Loaded Pockets

    If you have one more open slot, I'd like to provide feedback. Thanks.

    Ajax Loaded Pockets

    This thread is way dead.

    The bag walked off after supposedly being shipped to vermeire who, along with ethernectar, appear to have dropped off the site.

    rwon512 Loaded Pockets

    I would have loved to have tried the bag out before buying it... sometimes the size is just right sometimes its too small... wish these bags weren't so expensive too...

    Somnophore Loaded Pockets

    What do you want it for, I have one of these and it's not likely to be too small, I use it as an EDC and 24 hour bag or 72 hour bag when I'm doing ultralight and bushcraft stuff.

    thekapow EDC Junkie!!!!!

    edit: i now see that my post doese not make sense, i ment: did ethernectar loose his bag/got it stolen in this passaround:(?
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    ethernectar is a 511 employee.
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    thePlumbah Meowderator

    ethernectar, [IMG]
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    Diecastfreak Loaded Pockets

    y would a company do something like that>?? im sure that they know its not hard to trace IP adresses so y would they risk the bad PR on a wide fanbase????? I dont understand the motive behind what they did.... if anything companys love to collect DATA on what people are looking for.... just my thoughts....
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    Kripto Evil Sid

    wow, glad I found this thread.. I was just about to purchase some stuff from 5.11. Oh well, they're on my no-buy list now.
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    It is a common practice actually. One that forums fight all the time. It is just an extension of shilling, using sockpuppets and pawns.
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    FACE EDC Junkie!!!

    So I'm confused here. Did ethernectar actually ship the bag to vermiere or was it NOT shipped at all.

    And if it was, it seems to have stopped right after vermiere got it. What gives here?
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    thePlumbah Meowderator

    According to the timestamp on the posts ethernecter shipped it to vermeire, who PM'd for AJAX's address. But AJAX claims to have not gotten it.
    Ajax was last seen in July of 2013 and vermeire is online now.

    It looks like a shill(ethernecter) was trying to get some free advertisement and then the passaround fell apart.
    so back to my original sentiment towards the shill...
    And I totally agree with Kripto...
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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    Vermiere says he sent the pack on but ajax said he never got it.

    There is a side story behind this. I contacted 5.11 to try and find out what it would take to become a dealer. While I was saving up to get started ethernectar joined the forum and when I was in a position to buy I quit getting replies to my emails and finally gave up. It was quite a bit later that it was discovered that ethernectar worked for 5.11.

    I called 5.11 and asked them why my e-mails didn't get answered and why they had an employee in the forum acting like a customer. In one post he had said he just happened to run across a 5.11 product. He did because he worked there. I finally found someone that would talk to me about this, I was not that trusting of 5.11 at this point because I have seen this same pattern over and over again since starting the forum.

    They sent Maverick Marketing into the forum (started by someone that just left 5.11). When I realized they were a marketing company I sent them an e-mail. They said they were working for 5.11 but not for marketing purposes. They just wanted to get reviews up on the forum. I would have still like to have been able to buy 5.11 at this point but gave up for a long time.

    It is curious why a marketing company would come into the forum saying they are getting paid to do something they say is not marketing. I just wanted to buy product.

    I waited until there was a change in management and contacted 5.11 again. I went over the problems in the past but it didn't seem like a big deal to them. They finally tell me it would cost me 10K to buy from them. I could have bought into them for much less years earlier.

    It would have been nice if I could have been buying form them way back in 2009.
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    FACE EDC Junkie!!!

    Sorry to hear that Jon. it seems that I'm going to have to start filtering my purchases through your store and start not buying directly from the manufacturers.

    Although I haven't officially bought anything from your store yet, I have every intention to once I get a nice order in to justify the shipping costs. But I have bought stuff from the BST on this forum confidently and haven't had a problem yet.

    And I to agree with Kripto, that I would now not by anything from 5.11 after that.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me Jon.

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    Nighted Loaded Pockets

    Not a fan of their bags. However was taking a good look at their plate carrier. Will look elsewhere.