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A bug in your ear..

Discussion in 'First Aid Station' started by FrankenStein, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. FrankenStein

    FrankenStein Loaded Pockets

    Just thought I would mention it as a recent event showed nobody seemed to know the solution. I carry a small vial of oil(olive, cloves,) probably any will work, you need the oil to smother the bug then tweezers to pull it out quick and effective and happens more often than most would think. Just figured I'd share it for GP info.
  2. mtngoat

    mtngoat Loaded Pockets

    Can you elaborate more please? This ain't one of them voodoo roots is it :)
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  3. Mumbojumboo
    • GITD Manix 2XL Owner

    Mumbojumboo EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Why not use water? Seems it might be best to get it crawl out and not die inside your brain. :)
  4. thekapow

    thekapow EDC Junkie!!!!!

    it will not die inside your brain, it will simply eat your brain and you will become a zombie.
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  5. maillet282

    maillet282 Loaded Pockets

    Mineral oil works just as well.
  6. FrankenStein

    FrankenStein Loaded Pockets

    Water takes awhile to drown the bug (it's not pleasant having a bug in your ear) the bug won't come out or float out. Oil smothers the bug quickly then you can remove it. Mineral oil is just as good any food grade oil will work
  7. maillet282

    maillet282 Loaded Pockets

    I've used Mineral oil to flush out bugs and cerumen plugs on multiple patients over the last 11 years. I've never heard of using Olive oil or Clove oil though
  8. thekapow

    thekapow EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I found some interresting information in this article from The American Hearing Research Foundation on the cerumen plugs, I have never heard of oil beeing used before so I had to search around abit.