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Anyone still carry a journal?

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by themadplumbarian, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. themadplumbarian

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    Ok, who here still carry a journal? Or some type of notebook to keep track of things they need to do or things that they need to get? Or better yet to put a good idea down before they forget it! Come on don't be shy, I have to keep one by my bed for if and when I get a great idea and we all know when you get into bed and start to unwind is when the best ones come and we all say oh I'll remember that in the morning!!

    So I was wondering what's a good descent size(not to big, not to small) book to keep on you? I keep a few cut up index card in my wallet and a little rig of a pen that I made for those must write down info moments, but have been thinking of carrying a little book, but what? JR
  2. Jim Hughes

    Jim Hughes Loaded Pockets

    Engineering Field Notebook. Currently Elan has the best prices . Level Book, Lined #E64-64. Apx 4.5" x 7". I've used one company or another Field Books to jot notes in. Works great with Technical Pens, Fountain Pens, etc. Been doing this since my undergrad Anthro Days, through Army-RVN duty, Oman with BATT, continuing to current day. I have a stack of 20-25 completed in the corner of my home office now, my most recent ones. Current issue on desk was started 18, January 2016. It rides daily in my EDC bag. 3 x 5 cards stack in shirt pocket, leather pocket brief case for quick notes and memory aides. Important stuff, keepers go in the Elan Book.
  3. DCBman

    DCBman Loaded Pockets

    Absolutely! In fact, I have a number of them. (Truth be known...I have a whole great big bunch of them!). The size and type I carry varies by what I'm doing. On my person I usually have a green military soft bound memoranda/log book (7530-00-222-0078 Federal Office Supply). It's just a shade larger than a 3x5 card. They're super-cheap and handy for jotting things down. In my EDC pack I carry a 'large' hardbound notebook as a journal (moleskine calls it a 'large', but it's really an A5 sized sheet). I use this for making the random journal entry (things going on, thoughts, etc.). In the nightstand I keep a couple A5 sized higher page count journals that I put more permanent journal entries in as well as short stories I write.

    A local office supply place was closing recently and liquidating their stock, so I picked up about (5) 190 page journals for like $3/ea. I'm stocked up on that front for a while.

    I used to carry Field Notes notebooks. I really like those books for some reason. I stopped carrying them mostly because they just get torn up so quickly in my pockets. The military memoranda/log books seem to hold up better (I think mainly because they're a little thicker).
  4. 313
    • +3 Supporter

    313 Uber Prepared

    I have a few. A calendar planner to keep track of events and time allocation, a log/notebook at work for daily project planning and logging and a Moleskine cahier always in pocket or nearby for quick notes, todo-lists etc.
  5. Water-Rat

    Water-Rat Loaded Pockets

    I carry a day planner and a small notebook in my right rear pocket. The notebook is for to do lists and notes. I also keep a thicker notebook in my work bag for journal usage. I recently switched from the thicker notebook to a thin Moleskin brand notebook. The thin Moleskins fit in the rear pocket wonderfully. They're much skinnier, but they come in a pack of three. I got mine from the local Staples.
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  6. Flashman

    Flashman Loaded Pockets

    3.5 x 5 (I think) Write in Rain. Use it all the time. Used to use my phone for notes etc., but found I frequently need the notes while on the phone. I also found writing stuff down as opposed to typing it in helps me remember, so I use the notebooks now more to double check.

    I keep it in my mini pocket organizer, or back left pocket.

    My daughter loves Notebooks, so this year Santa is getting her some Field Notes and a custom leather Field Notes cover.
  7. flatline

    flatline Loaded Pockets

    I always have something to write on with me.

    I keep a 4.5" x 3.25" composition book in my pocket behind my wallet. I pick a bunch up each year from Target when the school supplies go on clearance. Regular price is 2 for $1, but I typically get them for half that. One of these journals will survive 3 or 4 months in my pocket before the cover comes loose. Then I replace it with a new one. I don't think I've ever finished one before it was replaced.

    I keep a journal in my vehicle and one in my pack. I like the Picadilly Essential journal available from Barnes and Nobles for $6. It's one of the few journals I've found that works well with fountain pens and pencils (usually something that feels good with a fountain pen is too smooth to work well with pencil). I wish it had 7mm line spacing instead of 6mm, but I write small enough that it's not really a problem (I just have to be careful that descenders from the line above don't touch an ascender from the current line and look all confusing).

  8. themadplumbarian

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    I think those mini composition books are the perfect size, only thing is if you want to rip a page out then the other half of the page will come out, unlike a wire spiral, what you rip out is the only thing that comes out. But then if you keep it in the back pocket it won't be long till that spiral will be flat. I found a leather cover that fits over a mini composition book like the old way of putting a paper bag over a school book, but then again, rip a page out and then the other side comes out? JR
  9. flatline

    flatline Loaded Pockets

    The composition books I'm talking about aren't stapled or stitched, just glued. You can cleanly tear down from the top of the page to the bottom of the page to get the page you want without disturbing other pages.

  10. themadplumbarian

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    And those are the ones from target, are they a recycled with cute designs? And not the black/white marble normal ones? JR
  11. ran23
    • In Omnia Paratus

    ran23 Loaded Pockets

    Retired now, hard to give it up. 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" leather covered, time to go to something smaller.
  12. kottskrapa

    kottskrapa Loaded Pockets

    I am a right handed guy but write with my left and the field notes are perfect for me, thin enough and just works. Always have one in my inner pocket of my jacket or vest

    It's not failure if you learn something from it
  13. flatline

    flatline Loaded Pockets

    The cover is black and white (strange pattern, similar to the larger sized composition books) and says:
    "TOPS Composition Book"
    ...4 lines so that you can, presumably, label the book in some meaningful way...
    "80 Sheets 4 1/2" x 3 1/4" College Rule"

  14. Moshe ben David

    Moshe ben David Loaded Pockets

    Keep a notepad in the car (mini legal pad type) both for jotting a quick note and because I still follow the rules that Dad laid down: keep a pad in the car with a pen or pencil just in case of an accident. Don't want to find yourself without a way of exchanging information!

    My edc bag generally has a 8.5 x 11 ruled pad of some sort; plus a smaller notebook the size of a Moleskine. Currently its a Piccadilly. Also a supply of 3 x 5 cards so I can jot a note and give to someone else if the need arises.

    I'm one of those relics who carries a long form factor wallet of the sort that slips into the breast pocket of my jacket. In that I always have a notepad or a supply of 3 x 5 cards.

    I have to admit though that I don't generally carry an actual journal around. All the above are just for capturing ideas on the fly. As far as appointments, dated 'To-Do' etc., I have been using one form or another of an electronic organizer since the days of the original Palm Pilot. For many years now I've used an iPod Touch (2nd generation would you believe?) for those purposes. Being able to backup calendars and address books are functions I will NEVER give up!


    Moshe ben David
  15. DIlan

    DIlan Loaded Pockets

    I have tried with some large A4 notes... Than mid-sized ones, and due to their bulkiness It often ends up with not opening any of them at all because they are not around me all the time. Now I'm carrying one hand sized and absolutely love it. I can write down anything important that rushes through my mind.
  16. themadplumbarian

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    I gotta say I guess I'm old schooled, I don't carry a phone, I kinda hate them, the wife has a cell but that's pretty much it. I live off of my iPad but that's only at home, I mean I have a stack of notepads, one on my desk, another on my workstation, and a couple at the side of my bed, so I'm more or less looking for something to jot the ideas, info, or something of interest down for when I'm out of the house, cause I won't remember by the time I get home. I gathered all the books I could find and went through them and I must say very interesting, cause I found things I was interested in and job junk from back in like 06! Grant it I don't need anything now but a few of the things I saved! JR
  17. rat-7

    rat-7 Loaded Pockets

    I carry a leuchturm reporters fliptop notebook for daily notes, and a midori in my edc pack.
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  18. Theskyiscrying

    Theskyiscrying Loaded Pockets

    I carry my Field Notes, with the Donovan Leather cover and make all sorts of notes :D

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  19. Gary Gross

    Gary Gross Loaded Pockets

    I carry a Field Notes memo back in a passport cover (nearly a perfect fit and cheap) and keep it in a pocket organizer. I'm not a fan of back pocket carry.
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  20. themadplumbarian

    themadplumbarian Loaded Pockets

    I must say I like the paper tear, unlike the ones that are sewn and one side I'd ripped then the other side will come loose. That the size of a composition notebook with a nice leather cover would be perfect. JR