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Best multifunction pen?

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by Scott83, Jun 18, 2009.

    Scott83 Loaded Pockets

    I'm currently EDCing a blue ballpoint pen and black Sharpie fine point. I'd like to have more writing options without increasing the number of things I carry. Would like to add a mechanical pencil, another color of pen or two (and/or stylus), maybe also a flashlight and/or laser pointer. What multifunction pens are available that could cover at least three of these options? Need to be refillable.

    Minotaur Loaded Pockets

    I carry a Papermate Phd Multi, I really like them.

    I carry the Phd Multi, which has a pen, pencil, and pda stylus.

    There was also a multi pen one that had three colours, and a pencil, but could not find a link to that.

    FeebleOldMan Loaded Pockets

    Welcome to EDCF!

    Take a look at the Fisher Q4 space pen, with the combination of black ink+red ink+stylus+mechanical pencil. You can get the blue ink refill and swap out the other colours if you choose to do so. I have one myself and love it!

    I've also been looking at the Lamy 4pens. You have a choice between the black ink+orange marker+stylus+mechanical pencil version and the 3 colour ink+mechanical pencil version. Price-wise these pens are more expensive though.


    Scott83 Loaded Pockets

    Really like the Fisher Q4 and Lamy 4pen, but not ready to spend that much yet. I found a few 4+1 pens at JetPens and decided to go with a Uniball Jetstream based on JetPens forums favoring it over the Zebra Clip-On series.