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Best way to clean a backpack?

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by KDOG08, Dec 29, 2012.

    KDOG08 Loaded Pockets

    So how would one go about trying to get the grime,dirt etc off a cordura backpack?

    Cobra 6 Actual Loaded Pockets

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    TOM BIHN Crew Loaded Pockets

    Assuming brushing it off with a dry washcloth or something similarly mildly abrasive isn't enough, here's what we recommend for our packs:

    Fill a sink or tub with warm water and add a small amount of mild dish detergent
    Put your bag in and let it soak for maybe half an hour
    After that, if there are any visible spots of dirt left, rub them gently with a washcloth
    Make sure to thoroughly rinse your bag and remove all traces of detergent (easier if you only used a small amount of detergent)
    Making sure all pockets and zippers are as wide open as they can be, let your bag air dry (and be patient: really let it dry before you start using it again)

    Smelly bag? Try MiraZyme -- it works great. We've heard from customers who even had success using it to remove cat urine odor. You can buy it from us but it's also probably available at your local outdoors store.

    It's probably a good idea at this point to also renew the waterproof coating on the fabric. We recommend Nikwax Tent & Gear SolarProof. Again, we sell it, but it's almost certainly available at your local outdoors store.

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    Gnarly Loaded Pockets

    That's great to know, Tom Binh Crew!
    And it's incredible, being able to get the info from THE FOLKS THAT BUILD THOSE BAGS.
    It'll be awhile before I can afford a new bag, but when I can: guess what kind it'll be!

    A bit of a warning though:
    If you own a offshore-built Maxpediddle bag, please don't wash it @ all.
    Their wussy lil' warranty is voided if you soak or saturate it in anything. Read the fine print.
    Them sissy sum:censored:es advertise 'hard use gear' (deliberately NOT capitalized, out of contempt) but it voids their Silk Lingerie warranty if you get the daym thing dirty & need to wash it.
    They've apparently never seen a bag that's really been used hard....that's been hauled & humped thru Cottonmouth Swamp....or Chimney Rock....or the High Road between Sante Fe & Taos.
    "Wipe it off with a damp rag", my A:censored:S !

    My Gawd! it's been at least 6 months since I took time to tell yall how I feel about Maxpediddle, and the pissants that run it.

    Ommmmm..... Maxpediddle Hate Rant over, now.....

    Cobra 6 Actual Loaded Pockets

    Yep, Gnarly, and it's good to know that the Tom Binh Crew's advice agrees so well with the advice from backpacker.com ... Always good to have independent confirmation from a second source.
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    wave180 Loaded Pockets

    Same as how I clean my shoes. Dissolve a small piece of dial (antibacterial) soap in a warm water and soak the bag/shoes for at least 10 mins then clean with toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
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    Makahbay Banned

    I don't see it.


    Cite please.

    I remember when people knocked Maxped for saying that washing machines voided the warranty... yet Tom Bihn says the same thing http://www.tombihn.com/popguarantee.html

    The most objectionable thing on the Maxped warranty is that the removal of their logo voids the warranty. If I won't want to be a walking advertisement, I shouldn't be punished imho.

    Doric Loaded Pockets

    From the FAQ On Maxpedition's website:

    It seems putting either brand of bag in the washing machine will void the warranty, but at least the guys at Tom Bihn let you soak the bag and use detergent, which is a whole lot more effective than the damp cloth that Maxpedition recommends.
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    amacman Loaded Pockets

    The biggest risk of machine washing/drying is that the straps will become entangled/caught and things will rip. I personally discovered how tough the washer can be on a bag. I had a nice LL Bean pack MELT because of the friction during the spin cycle when it got wrapped around the agitator spindle.

    What was described by TB above is way different than machine washing.
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    blt2drg Loaded Pockets

    I have put several Maxpedition bags through the washer with good results and no problems.

    I put new bags in the dryer to soften them up a bit aswell.

    Goes to show i am bad at reading the fine print. ;)
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    KDOG08 Loaded Pockets

    THanks for the advice. This particular bag has a laptop compartment that has the padded foam. Any issues with that?
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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    Har har har. :) I knew about the fine print but still toss my bags in the wash anyhow. They've come out fine, though I've never paid attention to whether or not their waterproof/resistant coating was any different before/after. After it goes through the wash, I let it hang outside to air dry.

    For stinkies, I toss them in a tub of water with a ton of baking soda. :)

    One other thing that helps is to toss the pack into a mesh bag (like the type for lingerie) so that the webbing and stuff don't get caught onto anything. :D
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    defuse kit Loaded Pockets

    I recently washed a majority of my bags. Front load washing machine, itty bit of a mild detergent (Woollite works great), hand wash or delicate setting, air dry (or dryer on "air dry" setting if you can't air dry it). Worked fine. A bunch of messenger bags, Jansport bags, Northface hydration pack, other misc bags, and a TT ROP. All came out great. Your mileage may vary.
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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    A dirty bag is just my excuse for a new one.

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    KDOG08 Loaded Pockets

    Thanks I'll try this procedure. I have alot of Nikwax left after doing my Synapse.
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    KDOG08 Loaded Pockets

    Just determined to get me in alot of trouble huh?
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    CatherineM Loaded Pockets

    Just tell her that if you go around with dirty stuff, that people will think she isn't hen-pecking you enough.

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    TOM BIHN Crew Loaded Pockets

    Make sure all the layers -- fabric, foam, fabric -- dry thoroughly. Air dry it in a warm, dry place.

    rickboone Loaded Pockets

    I got some of this at our fair one year. It's for shoes, but works great on bags and all types of things. www.quickcareproducts.com


    Makahbay Banned

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