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Discussion in 'The Way Station' started by heathah, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. webley445

    webley445 Loaded Pockets

    Seems every forum that grows to a certain size starts getting problems. Alot due to the mall ninja types that will argue over what is "right" just because it fits what I refer to as "the popular press".

    experienced it in gun forums, seen it elsewhere. i'm starting to see it happen, imo, at CPF, part of the reason I'm not as active there as I once was. Not to mention the slow site problems. But it happens everywhere, problems abound when populations rise.
  2. nicknwong

    nicknwong Loaded Pockets

    Im not sure if this is in the right place please move if necessary.
    I registered for blade forums to look at the Subcom F reviews but i havent received the email. Can anyone provide some assistance.
  3. scríbhneoir
    • Administrator

    scríbhneoir Uber Prepared Staff Member

    Merged and bumped for you. :)

  4. kura

    kura Empty Pockets

    I have been a member of blade forum for several years, but as I said in my intro I found this place because of looking at an ad for a product that someone there taked about. I then went back after joining here and posted a link to this forum....so now maybe I have to go on the run?

    and I am active on many other forums some I am a mod on one a super mod/ admin and one is my own but blade is the only one with so many "rules"
  5. WildEMT

    WildEMT Loaded Pockets

    I don't own any Busse's... so I feel like one of the un-cool kids. :laugh:
  6. dinoadventures

    dinoadventures Empty Pockets

    I don't own any either, but I have a feeling I might grab a Game Warden or something similar at some point.
  7. hatchetjack

    hatchetjack EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I use BF to shop and trade for blades and general entertainment. Some good info is found there but also a lot of antsy members looking to flame something then the topic get lost in all the chest beating. Don't criticize Busse, CRK, SRKW, let's see....do flame Lynn Thompson, any CS product, Mick Strider's personal life....I don't have time for whiners. I also use my same screen name on all forums so I don't try and dodge the bullet.

    Knife Forums on otoh, is much more human.
  8. glockstersharp

    glockstersharp Loaded Pockets

    and let's not forget S&W or performing one's own outlandish knife testing. :lolhammer: And God forbid if your name is Vlad!
  9. WildEMT

    WildEMT Loaded Pockets

    Agreed (I think... what is otoh?). At any rate, knife forums is a much happier place and much, much more diverse. You'll find me lurking around there and stirring up the Ontario forum.
  10. greenLED

    greenLED Empty Pockets

    =on the other hand
  11. flipe8

    flipe8 Loaded Pockets

    BF was my first forum and I really enjoyed it quite a bit until recently. Things have been pretty nasty there if you choose the "un-popular" side of the "discussions", so I've been doing my best to frequent other forums until things cool off a bit. I use my name there(and every other forum I frequent) as well.
  12. cyberspyder

    cyberspyder Loaded Pockets

    I can't seem to register with them. Every time my activation link comes, I click on it and it says that I can't log in because I'm not register. Help!
  13. parnass

    parnass Loaded Pockets

    Make sure your browser allows web sites to set cookies.
  14. elam79

    elam79 Loaded Pockets

    I've had this problem lately too. Even with cookies set. Try clicking remember me. If that doesn't work, go to your regestration email and click the link again. Sometimes that logs me in.
  15. oranges

    oranges Loaded Pockets

    Its great how knife manufacturers have representatives at the site to interact with the buyers.
  16. Airborne 1

    Airborne 1 Loaded Pockets

    I am also a member of BF.. same name..i also found out about this site on there..seems to be alot of use here !

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  17. Fan-Rang 173

    Fan-Rang 173 Loaded Pockets

    I've been on "a lot" of different forums; for some reason this is the only one that holds my interest.
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