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Can't Find Seiko SNA 027/139/141 - Can You Help

Discussion in 'Watches' started by Bolster, Mar 7, 2008.

    Bolster Loaded Pockets

    I am looking to purchase a Seiko watch, model SNA027 or SNA139 or SNA141, but can't find them for sale in the USA. Seems every time I find one, it's in the UK. As you know, the exchange rate is so bad for the dollar right now, I just can't afford to purchase one from England.

    Can you help me find a USA source?

    Also, any info on these watches? I'm not certain what the differences among the different models are, but here's my guess:

    SNA027 stainless steel?
    SNA139 titanium with black band?
    SNA141 titanium with green band?

    Thanks for your help

    Bolster Loaded Pockets

    Re: Can't Find Seiko SNA 027/139/141

    Here's a photo:


    fshalor Loaded Pockets

    Funny, I actually spent months searching for a similar style, but without the alarm.

    I've seen all three models in past months at Chronograph.com (not us vendor, but a fair dealer.)

    Amazon has the SNA 139 right now. (Different band, same watch.)

    PMWF seems to be out.

    The only reason why I never went with the alarm models is I really needed a chrono to go more than 2 hours. (Almost all the stuff I need it for has to be dowm to 30 second accuracy for 5 minutes elapsed time and then to the minute at between 2 hours and 3 hours. )

    I went with the Seiko Afie MN SND 727 , but prefered the style of your choices (cleaner military dial.)

    And I discovered the joy of mechanical's and hope to land an auto chrono in a few years. ;)

    deeker Loaded Pockets

    dilbert Empty Pockets

    Are there any currently manufactured watches that are similar in style and price to the Seiko SNA139/SNA141? I'm really bummed that this watch is discontinued. I like that it is titanium, but I could settle for stainless if it looks nice. I was looking at the SGG711, but I like the chronograph and alarm on the SNA139.

    dilbert Empty Pockets

    Update: I ended up ordering the Seiko SNK809K. It's stainless and doesn't have the chrono, but it is an automatic and has a bead blasted finish. I really like the face with the minutes on the outside circle and hours inside. I think I'll get a zulu band for it then I can have both metal and nylon bands to choose from.