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Converting Surefire E2e to LED, worth it?

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by Swe_Nurse, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. Swe_Nurse

    Swe_Nurse Loaded Pockets

    I got an old Surefire E2e many years ago, carried it for several years and loved it. Then it was replaced by other flashlights and faded from memory. Today I handled it for a bit and I still like it but it is clear that it is fairly old and tired compared to pretty much anything that is available today. My question is simply this: is it worth spending a little money on upgrading it to a LED-head?

    I am not going to pay for Surefire original parts so their LED conversion head is out of the question. Looking around a bit there seem to be a few no-name parts that is fairly low cost but I have no idea how they perform. Anyone have any experience?

    I'm not looking for the Surefire to replace anything I carry currently, just trying to bring a little bit of life into it as it seems a shame to have it stored in the back of the closet.
  2. archimedes

    archimedes EDC Junkie!!!

    Can you be more specific ?

    There are quite a few options, indeed.

    The quality upgrades are mostly expensive, however, such as those made by @Tana on CPF.

    Used SF parts, including compatible LED assemblies, sometimes are for sale there too.

    Alternatively, the flashlight in stock form (if in excellent condition) may have significant collector value ... :)
  3. Swe_Nurse

    Swe_Nurse Loaded Pockets

    I just checked on ebay and amazon and there seem to be a few different heads, seem to be fairly low quality but low cost. Which really doesn't bother me (as long as it doesn't explode).

    I believe it is far too dinged up to have any collector value, it was riding in my pocket for quite a few years.
  4. archimedes

    archimedes EDC Junkie!!!

    Doesn't sound great to me .... (shrug)
  5. archimedes

    archimedes EDC Junkie!!!

    Upgrades like this ...



    ... was more what I was thinking :D
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  6. Ash211

    Ash211 Empty Pockets

    Depends...do you love the e2e body style? If yes then definitely worth it. Look into a Malkoff VME head and a Malkoff LED drop in, best upgrade out there for Surefires, you won't be disappointed.
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  7. Swe_Nurse

    Swe_Nurse Loaded Pockets

    That's my thought as well.
    That's certainly more interesting, but then again I can probably get something new and exciting for the price. We'll see what I'll do, thank you for your input. :)
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  8. Pima Pants

    Pima Pants Loaded Pockets

    I upgraded my Surefire 6Z ( one of the earliest) with a $15.00 drop-in LED and the thing just ROCKS now. Well over 300 lumen (to my eye) and really breathed some new life into the old girl. I don't remember where I ordered the upgrade from but it probably was B*tt*y Ju*cti*n (i don't want to break the rules here).
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  9. mike3145

    mike3145 Loaded Pockets

    I have an e2e also and it's kind of silver anodized finish and at least the replacement heads from Surefire (ungodly expensive) and Malkoff are a dark gray/black color. I would kind of like the head to match the body of the light.

    If there is some kind of reliable/reputable/matching replacement head or drop in, I'd love to know about it.
  10. Bowman1911

    Bowman1911 EDC Mechanic

    I upgraded my e1e with a lumensfactory head. It IS my poor man's mcgizmo. No, it doesn't look anything like my haiku, but the output levels are very similar, both have last level memory, and similar run time. The lumensfactory is a cold white hue, and terrible color rendering compared to the xpg2 in the haiku, but the price difference is seriously noteable. The e1e gets used daily in my basement.
  11. Lev

    Lev Loaded Pockets

    I have the single mode (370 lumens Lumens) factory head on my E2E.


    Another option would be the E to C adaptor, which would allow fitting of a 6P head or similar.
    900 lumens Solarforce in a 6P head.


    1250 lumens Sportac in a Cryos Illumination head

  12. Swe_Nurse

    Swe_Nurse Loaded Pockets

    I'm bumping this thread, anyone got any input?
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