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Does anyone use the EDC Reddit page?

Discussion in 'The Way Station' started by Edd, Jun 23, 2014.

  1. Edd

    Edd Loaded Pockets

    Hey guys,

    Does anyone here use the EDC Reddit? If not, you can visit it simply by typing into Google 'Reddit EDC'. (I tried to link it but it wouldn't let me.)

    At the moment most posts are pocket dumps however bag dumps pop up every now and again. People of all ages ask questions and just post general EDC stuff really, much like here. I post there quite often. :)
  2. Caveman2795

    Caveman2795 Loaded Pockets

    I visit reddit EDC everyday, just looking around, but I'm not posting. "knifeclub" on reddit is also often visited by me.
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  3. Ted Andkilde

    Ted Andkilde Loaded Pockets

    The outside world frightens me :)

    The dip:censored:/intelligence ratio is off the scale...

  4. SThr

    SThr Loaded Pockets

    I'm subbed to /r/EDC, it's a pretty nice place, but a little repetitive. I still come back here for the longer threads and more in depth discussions.
  5. BurningTheDayAway

    BurningTheDayAway Loaded Pockets

    I was briefly subscribed before discovering this site. I still check it out from time to time but the community there is not nearly as enjoyable as it is here

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  6. Bedlam

    Bedlam Loaded Pockets

    I check it occasionally, but I find the nature of reddit is fast moving conversations/pictures with no recall. Like this thread, it's been bumped up over a year haha, yet other people can still contribute to it and find it easily.. reddit, even if you comment months later, a topic isn't bumped back up.

    Too many pocket dumps and no other conversation on there imo, apart from 'what backpack should I get'.
  7. FeeSimpleAbsolute

    FeeSimpleAbsolute Loaded Pockets

    I do use it. It is a different kind of site, obviously, but I find new stuff there sometimes. Also r/knifeclub.
  8. moostapha

    moostapha Loaded Pockets

    I have super mixed feelings about Reddit.

    I use r/edc and a few others somewhat habitually, but...it's hard to find any real conversation there.