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Favorite EMT Shears?

Discussion in 'First Aid Station' started by AngryRhino, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. KMAC179

    KMAC179 Loaded Pockets

    Why, exactly, is everyone so concerned about autoclaving their shears? We are not working in a sterile environment here, and we are not performing procedures with them. Get done using them, drop them in some bleach, take them out.

    Show me one biological reason why that is not 100% effective.
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  2. jfoster

    jfoster Loaded Pockets

    Good point! I don't know why that would not work!

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  3. VinnyP
    • In Omnia Paratus

    VinnyP Loaded Pockets

    Bleach is a liquid, its an underrated wonder and very powerful it will kill all pathogens anywhere it touches even more than an Autoclave. The downside is that it needs to make direct contact with the pathogen. Shears have a lot of nooks and crannies. Anything oily, fatty, or non porous can contain pathogens that will not be killed by bleach as it will not penetrate. Places that first aid gets done often have lots of the above, not least because we have lots of fats and oils. Heat gets them without needing to touch them and the superheated steam helps break down the medium. If putting them in bleach was a solution then why have autoclaves?

    Incidentally I am not in any way suggested that they are not a great product, we wanted them and couldn't have them because of the autoclave issue. Shears get very gunky and we either autoclave or replace them at free to a few pence. All regular truma shears are autoclave safe.

    Of course you don't do procedures with them and they are not sterile but they are around a lot of open wounds and bodily fluids then in pocket on my bag etc
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  4. KMAC179

    KMAC179 Loaded Pockets

    An autoclave is great if you want surgical-grade sterility, which is certainly not needed for a field setting. We are cutting clothes here people...furthermore, whatever the bleach does not kill, it will die shortly thereafter in any case. I dont know what else other than blood will be on these shears, certainly not anything oily, fatty of non-porous, at least nothing like that have ever touched my shears
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  5. VinnyP
    • In Omnia Paratus

    VinnyP Loaded Pockets

    Blood contains fats, tissue contains oils and fats. Lipids in blood actually bond to pathogens . Those man made clothes you cut are non porous. . . . .
  6. jfoster

    jfoster Loaded Pockets

    So do all Emergency Services use autoclave machines or have a sterilization protocol?

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  7. VinnyP
    • In Omnia Paratus

    VinnyP Loaded Pockets

    I dont know about all but here in the UK definitely. These forums won't let me paste the link but it is on line as a PDF if you search for Guidelines for the Decontamination of Equipment and Medical.

    It breaks it down into categories. For this discussion it is mostly
    Intermediate risk. Ie.
    Items in contact with intact mucous membranes, body fluids or contaminated by microbes that are easily transmitted, or items to be used on highly susceptible patients.

    For those it's cleaning then Autoclave or Single use item or Low temperature steam washer/disinfectors

    Less often it may be higher risk ie.
    Items in contact with a break in the skin or mucous membrane or introduce into a sterile body area. Then it is Cleaning followed by Autoclave or Single use item.
  8. GQP

    GQP Loaded Pockets

    I bought a dozen 7 1/2" shears from a medical supply company for $3.22 each.

    Over the years, I can tell little difference between any of them. They all sacrifice some cutting ability for safety and leverage. Most any other shears will cut clothing better, but you wouldn't want to use them in a stressful situation where they could do even more harm.

    If your job is scrapping people of the road or pulling them out of twisted vehicles everyday, I would understand looking for the "best". However for me, they are just a disposable item.
  9. KMAC179

    KMAC179 Loaded Pockets

    This is true. However, referencing OSHA CFR 1910.1030 (Bloodborne Pathogens) section (d)(4)(ii), it states:
    All equipment and environmental and working surfaces shall be cleaned and decontaminated after contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials.

    OSHA recommends bleach as an approved disinfectant.
  10. Cerberus.

    Cerberus. Loaded Pockets

    I have a LM Raptor and it gets used at least once a shift. I see see trauma cases every single day where I work and just this last Wednesday dealt with a pedestrian who was knocked down by a motor vehicle and suffered a fractured pelvis and open femur fracture with a degloving injury as well. The raptor did make short work of his clothing which was denim work wear. I have also used the glass breaker which I must say is not amazing in comparison to others I have. The hooked safety belt cutter doubles as an awesome tool for removing long trousers.

    I wear it on my left side (10 o'clock) in the sheath but folded up. To clean it I use a tooth brush an bleach and hot water. So far so good.

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  11. JL911

    JL911 Loaded Pockets

    I use the cheap $5 shears that my ambulance company provides. I have cut many pennies with them just to prove that they can to coworkers and they are still plenty capable of cutting clothes and whatever else. I personally wouldn't bother spending top dollar on a pair because they likely won't do anything much better than the more affordable Medicut brand mentioned on the first page by tw0fish.
  12. Bogie

    Bogie Loaded Pockets

    Fiskars garden shears from Home Depot. They come apart so you can decon as well

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  13. Quikclot

    Quikclot Loaded Pockets

    +1 Leatherman Raptor.

    Nothing else compares after using these on calls.
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  14. Ronin89

    Ronin89 Loaded Pockets

    I just found the cheapest pair on Ebay. Tested them out on some scrap pieces of old jeans and it worked great.
  15. Quikclot

    Quikclot Loaded Pockets

    Where the raptor shines isn't the thin denim or teeshirt...it shines at multiple layers of clothing, motorcycle leathers, boots, belts etc. Standard shears won't do that. You'd have to do it in sections or not at all if it's too thick.

    Had it happen a couple days ago on a motorcycle accident. Fire couldn't cut through 3 sweatshirts and a thick leather belt. Raptor asked for more when it was done :)
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  16. indigo_wolf

    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    For giggles....

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  17. jfoster

    jfoster Loaded Pockets

    You know there is a safety hook cutter on our RAPTOR, it works quite well:)

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  18. indigo_wolf

    indigo_wolf AKA Breezy

    Yes.... quite aware that it is there. You start wandering into the differences between fixed and folders when you head in that direction.

    I put the videos up for the users that might not be able to justify the cost of a Raptor based on likelihood of use. In those cases, a decent safety hook and a standard pair of trauma shears might be a viable alternative.

  19. Doraemon

    Doraemon Loaded Pockets

    That guy is using the shears with his left hand. Hope those are left-handed shears.
  20. noDave

    noDave Loaded Pockets

    I have a raptor, only downside to it for me is that size wise it does not fit into the built in scissors holders built into most pants. Yes it does come with a holster but my uniform is a flight suit and there is no good way to secure the holster to me. I usually carry it by the pocket clip but that means I must have them folded up which I don't prefer. They are very nice scissors.

    Pro tip - if you just have regular scissors and are having trouble cutting clothes - just make one or two cuts into the clothes, then grab the clothing with both hands around the cut and pull apart. This will go very fast until you reach a seam and then you just use the scissors again.