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Forum Downtime Sun/Mon, Dec. 25/26

Discussion in 'MEMBER RULES, GUIDELINES & ANNOUNCEMENTS' started by scríbhneoir, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. mizedog

    mizedog Loaded Pockets

    Pilot error! Pilot error!!! dischu, I just tried the Toggle Width button you suggested and it helped stretch to the width of the screen. BUT, I was curious about what the Scratch menu was. Weeeeeelllll. I selected the EDC - Custom Theme and presto chango! The pea green vanished and the them went to a really nice, warm theme that I've come to love about this forum. So, could it be that the update just changed my viewing default to the Scratch setting and that the true beauty option was there all the time?

    In any case, I'm happy now, and feel like I partook in a Twilight Zone episode. All is well, pardon my concerns from my first post. Scribhneoir, thanks for all your work.

    2017 is looking up...:D
  2. dischu

    dischu Loaded Pockets

    Unfortunately it´s not. The old well known style EDC - Cutom Theme don´t work with the upgrade so there could be several functions not working properly. See answer from @scríbhneoir here in this thread (post no. 13). For example a lot of users can´t see the buttons in the answer box (bold, underline, link, image etc.).
    The updated and working style is Scatch ... with it´s new and unfamiliar look. I grow accustomed to it slowly :)