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Found a cool Monkey Fist jig

Discussion in 'Do-It-Yourself & Gear Modifications' started by karlito, Feb 8, 2009.

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    karlito Loaded Pockets

    leon Empty Pockets

    thanks :woohoo:

    yam350 Loaded Pockets

    I'd like to say thanks but I'm just mad, all the years I've been struggling to tie those round my fingers and I never thought of that!
    So simple it's stupid but clever. Umm Thanks!
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    karlito Loaded Pockets

    No kidding! So simple No more tangled string around your fingers. :doh:

    CopperKnight Empty Pockets

    DOH! How ridiculously easy does that make it? Very good. Thanks for the link.

    nuphoria Loaded Pockets

    It's a neat idea - I love instructables!

    yam350 Loaded Pockets

    I got to my workshop today and the first thing I did.... was make tea, well the second thing I did was hunt around for some 6mm stainless bar I knew was kicking around somewhere, I found it and bent up one of these jigs. THEY WORK! 3,4or 5 strand is equally as easy, why didn't I know about this before? :doh:
  1. It's a good design. I think, though, that when I make mine, I'll use a coat hanger that doesn't have moss and lichens and rust thriving on it! :laugh:
    (Where did that guy get that hanger?! The Andrea Doria wreck?! :laugh:)
  2. You should have seen the ridiculous cardboard/glue/bamboo-skewer contraption I came up with when I made the 8-turn Monkey's Fist for my skydive throwout handle! OMG I could have used this dealie at that time!

    Guarddog Empty Pockets