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Help me find my new med bag for car use and travel

Discussion in 'First Aid Station' started by kevinstan, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. kevinstan

    kevinstan Empty Pockets

    I just purchased a few new things to make a new kit that will be smaller than my other. Now I need a bag to put it all in. Here are the contents that will go in it:

    4" Israeli bandage
    CAT TQ
    6" Olaes bandage
    TPD needle
    chest seals
    roll of gauze
    wound seal kit

    Here is what I am looking for in a bag:

    I like coyote tan and marpat camo - but I am ok with black if that's all that is available. I do NOT want to spend over $50 for the bag itself. I like the red emergency pull open tabs available on some bags I see now, so that would be a plus. I also like the fold out style bag with elastic straps. My current bag has compartments and I loose everything in it.

    I would like the bag to be minimal somewhat, but able to maybe put one or two more things in if I added something else later. I have been cruising ebay but not having much luck. Anyone care to post your bags and show me some ideas of what you have and are using ? This will be my primary EDC in my truck to and from work and out of town.

    Thanks to everyone in advance! I hope to find a new bag!
    Last edited by kevinstan, Sep 30, 2016
  2. 343KD

    343KD Loaded Pockets

    Condor makes a small IFAK pouch that would fit all of the items you listed.
    My current favorite is the Grey Ghost Gear slim medical pouch.
    Good luck!
  3. Sindri

    Sindri Loaded Pockets

    I too believe you should get all that in a Condor rip-away EMT Lite, here's what I have in mine Show me your FAKs.
    and they have a bigger version as well
  4. Radioactive_Man

    Radioactive_Man Loaded Pockets

    If you don't mind spending a little more Vanquest makes a cool fold out ifak pouch called the Fatpack.


    Nothing wrong with the Condor's either though, they make nice stuff.
  5. JTurk

    JTurk Empty Pockets

    Here's a pouch from Deserted Fox that I've been using. Not sure if the CAT TQ would fit in it though.
  6. thekapow

    thekapow EDC Junkie!!!!!

    The olaes in it self is almost twice the size and 3 times the thickness of that pouch
  7. JTurk

    JTurk Empty Pockets

    I must have missed that on Kevinstan's list of things he carries.
  8. Timlugia

    Timlugia Loaded Pockets

    Do you really need both Israeli and Olaes? Both bandage together take a lot of spaces.
  9. kevinstan

    kevinstan Empty Pockets

    Yes - the reason I choose both is because I carry the Israeli in a 4" ( smaller because I have 3 young children that are usually with me) and the Olaes is 6". I also like having both sizes, just in case there was more than one injury that needed a compression bandage of this type.
  10. kevinstan

    kevinstan Empty Pockets

    Both are fairly unique even though they have the same concept - but I have always had both readily available and feel that if I only had one it would be the time I needed the other...
  11. Timlugia

    Timlugia Loaded Pockets

    It's not a problem if you don't plan it as on person EDC.
    Try a Combat Life Saver bag or something in that size range.

    You can find hundred of bag options from Rescue Essential, Chinook also has a few.
  12. FrankenStein

    FrankenStein Loaded Pockets

    I find the flat tackle boxes/craft boxes work well for under the seat its not a bag but its easy to see what's in there and quicker to get to the items, not sure if it will fit the items listed in the OP I don't keep a tk in it it's more just a general first aid and the "shimano or other fishing branded" boxes have a better latch/seal than the crafty ones from hobby lobby etc,
  13. Cerberus.

    Cerberus. Loaded Pockets


    Not sure how much this bag goes for now days, I got given it a few years ago.

    NAR First Responder bag iirc. Have since stocked it with newer/more stuff but it is my dedicated car med bag now.

    Holds everything I need.

    Stay Bladed.
  14. thegrouch314

    thegrouch314 Loaded Pockets

    I'm a big fan of the Condor Rip-away and I think thef do a light version