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Knife as a suspension clip

Discussion in 'Knives' started by kyguylal, Oct 31, 2013.

    kyguylal Loaded Pockets

    I'm looking into the idea of using a small folding knife as a suspension clip for my keys. I'm looking for a small knife with a pocket clip that has a hole for a key ring on the bottom.

    I'm looking at the Kershaw chive or scallion as I have always had good luck with the brand. Would prefer spring assisted. Not a spyderco fan.

    Any suggestions? Looking to stay relatively cheaper as it will get abused. Won't be a primary use knife anyways as I always have either a SAK or an Izula depending on the day

    Thanks guys!

    netcat Loaded Pockets

    Alltogether, I would suggest a CRKT KISS:
    1. Tip Down carry and a key ring
    2. Not too expensive
    3. Quite some style (from my point of view)
    I doubt that you will find a cheap, assisted knife which offers good value for the money.
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    Blerv Loaded Pockets

    I've only used Spyderco's because I dig the brand and they know how to make a clip. The Cricket and Spin are thin SS knives and work wonderfully.

    That said, if you don't like those, Netcat's suggestion is great. Something tip-down (or 4-way interchangeable) with a lanyard hole, small, thin, with a sturdy clip. Perhaps the Boker Subclaw in the Forum Store? Pretty sure from internet pictures those are 4-way reversible and remember them being quite flat in pocket.


    KODIAKman Loaded Pockets

    I've used the boker keycom on occasion and it works well for me.
    edit: oops missed the assisted requirement.