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Quick Paper Wheel Sharpening Review

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Mp31x, Jan 11, 2017 at 6:21 PM.

  1. Mp31x

    Mp31x Loaded Pockets

    My paper wheels arrived today and off to Lowes I went to pick up the grinder below. Delta model 23-196

    Also want to add that I live in an apartment and this motor and setup is quiet enough to not bother the neighbors.

    This Delta grinder was very easy to flip the motor around on (so the wheels spin away from me) and take the guards off. This will not be its home obviously I think my lady would be upset haha. I should have taken more pics but I was like a kid on Xmas


    Quick Review: Where has this been all my life?!!?

    I have freehanded for awhile and have a Wicked Edge system. Before I dropped anymore money on stones for the Wicked Edge I wanted to try paper wheels. I used a sharpie to cover the edge and went at it with a big grin.

    First knife I tried was my Spyderco Salt. Its a user and well loved. You can see I was a bit low at the back but that wiped off. ( I should have wiped it off first but I was shocked that just a few passes brought out sweet shine.)


    Next up my Izula. Another loved knife.



    Overall I am very happy. These 2 knives were done with 15 minutes experience after just getting this all setup today. I am sure with more practice the results will be better.

    TLDR: If you ever thought about trying paper wheels (Razor Sharp Edgemaking System), DO IT. Less then $150 in this setup. Quiet enough for apartment. Awesome sharp polished edges fast.
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  2. twin63

    twin63 Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for posting this. I live in an apartment too. Definitely want to keep the peace with the neighbors!

    What is the speed set at while you are sharpening?
  3. Mp31x

    Mp31x Loaded Pockets

    I have it set at the lowest which is 2000rpm. I do get a little more vibration as I turn it up, guessing it will smooth out with use but my neighbors below are not the most polite and they haven't beat on my floor yet from any noise lol.
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  4. Ippon
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    Ippon Loaded Pockets

    Nice! You have got me thinking...
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