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SOLKOA SUMA Survival Container

Discussion in 'Gear Reviews' started by signal6, Apr 27, 2010.

    signal6 Empty Pockets

    I recently purchased the SOLKOA SUMA Container to use as my "OEDC" (Outdoor EDC) survival tool container while fly fishing, backpacking, etc. I also carry this daily in my truck as a "just in case".

    Made of aircraft grade aluminum, don't let the material fool you. This is one tough cookie. Lighter than titanium, and more rugged, this container is an ideal size for carrying your most precious survival tools. I use it to carry fire, orientation and signaling. It's the perfect size.


    Closed tightly by velcro straps, the inside of the lid also contains a neoprene type ring seal to keep water out.


    Neatly contained inside is some of the most critical pieces of survival gear.


    Contents include:


    Original Air Force Survival Signal Mirror
    Fire Starter
    Signal Whistle
    Suunto Compass

    Although this is a bit pricey for a container, it is surely one of the better investments I have made to secure the items that will help keep me alive in the backcountry.

    Check it out at www.fast-fire.com
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    vegassprky Loaded Pockets

    Looks good! Did check out the site and their stuff is expensive! But looks like it will do the job,did look at the handles am interested! Where is the stuff made?

    signal6 Empty Pockets

    I am pretty sure it's all american made. I know the box is as I talked with someone there and they were having the boxes made and anodized near their location from a single aluminum billet. The box is not "formed", but actually ground from a solid block. You can actually see the circular cut marks.

    signal6 Empty Pockets

    Also, these boxes are in use by the U.S. Military, so they are tough stuff.
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    kirbysdl Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for the review, can you please post a picture of the inside of the lid, where I assume the gasket/seal is? Have you tested how well the seal works? I.e. dunk it under water and squeeze the largest flat sides together to create pressure differentials which might draw water in. Thanks again!

    signal6 Empty Pockets

    Sorry....been off the grid here in Nashville. Major flooding. I will post a pic of the inside of the lid as soon as I can. Wish I knew what you wanted to test, I could have done it for real!

    signal6 Empty Pockets

    P.S. You can't squeeze the sides in. This box is solid and will not budge. I will check for how waterproof for you.
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    bigfoot Loaded Pockets

    Awesome container! Couple of questions... do they just offer it in red? Also, did you add the Velcro closure or did it come with that?

    (Poking around their web site, I wonder how their "Fastfire" tinder stacks up against UST's "WetFire" tinder.)

    Crco Loaded Pockets

    These look fantastic! Signal6, yeah ... if you can ... I'd like to hear about your waterproof test results.

    Thanks for sharing. I'd like to get one of these.

    sonny Empty Pockets

    According to their site, there are 3 solid colors and 3 camo patterns.

    signal6 Empty Pockets

    it comes in other colors. I just chose red for visibility. It also came with the velcro closure already attached. Not sure if you "have" to get it this way, but is a good way to keep it shut tight.

    saniterra Loaded Pockets

    Looks like a great product, but gawd it's expensive. I think I'll stick to my Triangia mess tins and enclose them in zip log bags when the contents need to be waterproof.

    Crco Loaded Pockets

    I ended up getting one as a gift ... a black one ... I tested its waterproof nature and I'm pleased it meets/exceeds the rigorous hiking conditions it's likely to meet in my endeavours. Yes, it is pricey, but it is a terrific item and likely to have its value exceed its price while in my kit.
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