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Suggestions for small pocket organizer with zipper?

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by srvctec, May 15, 2015.

  1. srvctec

    srvctec Loaded Pockets

    I finally got my Maxpedition Micro Pocket Organizer a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed that it's too big for my use (3.5" x 5.5" x 1"). I really need one, with much the same features, that's about 3" x 4.5" x .75" or .5". I found the Maxpedition 3 x 5 inch Hook and Loop Zipper Pocket, but it appears a little too big as well (might have to go with it if I can't find another alternative). I want to carry this in my back pocket of my Dockers while at work to hold all the stuff in my pockets that don't require immediate access. I'd like to keep the cost of something like this $20 or less.

    Soooo, does anyone use a small zipper pouch with my requirements? If so, point me in the right direction, please!

    Edit: added price
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  2. Cprrckwlf

    Cprrckwlf Loaded Pockets

    I don't know about a zipper pouch, but something like the Skinth P3 is designed for exactly the type of thing you are talking about. There are also other options in the Pocket series, as well as some obvious choices in the Digital and Shield series. All really depends on your load-out, I guess. What are you planning on filling this with?
  3. srvctec

    srvctec Loaded Pockets

    I should have mentioned in my original post that $20 or less is my price range for something like this (just edited it). I checked out Skinth, but didn't see anything that tickled my fancy.

    Here is what I will be putting in the organizer. Couple of thumb drives, couple of pill fobs, couple of hand sanitizer wipes, couple of eye drop vials, Maratac Ti large peanut lighter, and a CR123 carrier.

  4. Harrison M

    Harrison M Loaded Pockets

    You could try a small camera case, I've seen pretty decent ones at the Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart for cheap.
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  5. St14EMT

    St14EMT Banned

    Check out $20 bandit mini MK-7 and micro organization kit. I have both and love them!
  6. srvctec

    srvctec Loaded Pockets

    Good idea- I'll check out some of those tomorrow.
    Those look great and I had checked them out several weeks ago but they are STILL out of stock on several things I was interested in. Plus, 6" is way too tall (see my requirements in my op). I don't want it sticking out of my pocket, which is why it needs to be around 4.5" high.
  7. Whiteswoodworks

    Whiteswoodworks Loaded Pockets

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  8. srvctec

    srvctec Loaded Pockets

    Thanks for that link! I've never checked out that site- lots of cool pouches.
  9. Millertime1974
    • GITD Manix 2XL Owner
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Millertime1974 Loaded Pockets

    I use the maxpedition notebook cover. I added a few loops on one side and pack things on both sides. So it is too thick for back pocket now. But I do think it would fit your needs if you only did one side of items.
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  10. Millertime1974
    • GITD Manix 2XL Owner
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Millertime1974 Loaded Pockets

  11. srvctec

    srvctec Loaded Pockets

    Checked out camera cases this morning and forgot that they all would be padded, adding unnecessary bulk, so they are not an option.

    I went with a couple of pouches from Tom Bihn- both in coyote, the micro and mini. I really like that they are flat pouches instead of having a 3D thickness sewn into them- should be pretty low profile in my pocket. I ordered 2 because I couldn't justify $9 shipping for a single ONE OUNCE item, which is completely ridiculous IMO (I left a comment in the order section pertaining to this as well). No option to choose USPS, only UPS. Reminds me of ordering from County Comm.
  12. Mudinyeri

    Mudinyeri Loaded Pockets

    How about an Altoids tin?
  13. srvctec

    srvctec Loaded Pockets

    Too thick, everything inside would rattle around against the metal of the case AND it wouldn't be too comfortable to sit on since it will be in my back pocket. Thanks for the suggestion, though.
  14. Mudinyeri

    Mudinyeri Loaded Pockets

    I wouldn't think any organizer would be comfortable to sit on. Pack the Altoids tin tightly to avoid rattle. I use Tinder Quick in mine to keep it from rattling.
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  15. srvctec

    srvctec Loaded Pockets

    Good points. If either one of the Tom Bihn pouches don't work to my satisfaction, I might give the tin a try.

    400LBGUERRILLA Loaded Pockets

    Griffin pouch?
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  17. Moco

    Moco Loaded Pockets

    Chums surf shorts wallet? found a review here

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  18. earthman

    earthman EDC Junkie!!!

    Apart from that, it's just not a very good thing to do apparently, can cause spinal/posture problems in time.
  19. jdindadell

    jdindadell Loaded Pockets

    I will second the chums pouches. I have few different sizes and they are great. I use the double zipper pouch as a mini fak and pill setup for my overnight bag. 2 compartments one with a clear window. Perfect fit for a pocket imo.
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  20. Whiteswoodworks

    Whiteswoodworks Loaded Pockets

    Wow! Chums makes some great looking products. I want several things from them. Thanks for turning me on to them.