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Tactical Taylor

Discussion in 'EDC Bags' started by Flexxx, May 18, 2011.

    Flexxx BST/Marketplace ban

    Was just wondering if TT used YKK zippers on all there gear?

    Sorry if I missed this, thanks...

    Schuey2002 Loaded Pockets

    Yep! YKK's super smooth Coil zippers of various sizes..

    ETA: What are you looking at buying from them?

    Flexxx BST/Marketplace ban

    Tactical Tailor.....sorry I just seen I did that

    Thinking about getting the Urban Operator Pack....

    Schuey2002 Loaded Pockets

    That bag probably uses either #9 or #10 YKK Coil zippers on it which are fantastic!
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    fresh eddie fresh Loaded Pockets

    I have one of those in Coytoe and one in RG, the main zipper is slightly larger than the one for the front pocket, but all of them are YKK (I am not sure what size they are specifically.) They come from TT with paracord wraps on the pulls.

    Schuey2002 Loaded Pockets

    If you look closely at the very tip of zippers, it'll show you what size that it is. It'll say something like "8 C", "9 C", or "10 C" etc. The number will be above the letter..

    (forgive the dust..)

    bigfoot Loaded Pockets

    Shoot, you learn something new every day. Thanks Schuey!

    Guarddog EDC Junkie !!!!!

    The man is a [FONT=&quot]connoisseur[/FONT] of fine zippers! :lolhammer:

    Schuey2002 Loaded Pockets

    What can I say? I love me some YKK zips....

    NemesisCavalry Loaded Pockets

    How does RG look like? Is the color like foliage green or is it Olive drab Green? if possible, some pictures please :)

    NemesisCavalry Loaded Pockets

    Thanks, u r awesome :D
    It seems to be the color of the base fabric of Maxpedition Foliage green products (not the webbings and straps color), am I rite?

    Mr_Moe Loaded Pockets

    Never had any Maxped gear but I doubt it. Perhaps they have a foliage green shade that differs a little. Usually foliage green is quite different from ranger green.

    NemesisCavalry Loaded Pockets

    I found this
    It seems Ranger Green is between OD Green and Foliage Green. Foliage Green is like grey to me (with very little green) lol. But I can say Ranger Green is pretty close to Foliage Green.
    Crap with the classification...

    NemesisCavalry Loaded Pockets

    Hmm, I think I have decoded what foliage green means lol
    There is a color scale a few posts after the OP.
    Foliage green = usually grey webbing + ranger green back drop. For example, on the Maxped Condor II, Foliage is for the webbing and most of the straps, green is ranger green which is the base fabric for the pack. lol what the crap

    Aimless Loaded Pockets

    my foliage green maxpedition stuff is definitely foliage, not ranger green. Ranger is a dark olive drab, foliage is a grey/blue


    I'll post some ranger green later

    NemesisCavalry Loaded Pockets

    Maybe your eyes are good and you can distinguish from ranger green and foliage green. For me, well, I can tell jack-**** between the 2 LOL...
    My perception is that the 2 color are very very much similar to each other. Anyway, I'm gonna open a new thread regarding Ranger green vs Foliage Green. We simply hi-jacked this thread already. LOL
    My sincere apologies to OP...
    LINK to the new thread
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    fresh eddie fresh Loaded Pockets

    Wow! Thanks for the YKK info! Now I have to dig through my pile of packs and see what I have got! :)