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Ultra micro pen?

Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by airsickness, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. airsickness

    airsickness Loaded Pockets

    I have been using the uniball ultra micro 207 for couple months now and I really like it. I have looked for other brands that also had such a fine tip and I haven't found any. Does anyone know if there is another pen that is a bit higher quality than the Uniball? Ideally I would love a Parker jotter within gel extra fine point. One can always dream…
  2. flatline

    flatline Loaded Pockets

    The Uniball Jetstream .38 and .5 both give very fine lines. Finer than my micro 207 (don't have an ultra micro to compare to). They also feel smoother than the 207.

    The PaperMate Inkjoy gel .5 and Energel .5 aren't as narrow a line as the above pens, but are still very fine lines. They are also much better lines. I would choose either of these over the Jetstream or 207 for my own uses.

  3. ecksdog

    ecksdog Loaded Pockets

    I would suggest go to Jetpens.com and browse their fine points. .38 and smaller. I think anything below .5 starts to scratch.
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  4. bj warkentin

    bj warkentin Loaded Pockets

    Finest I have is Uniball Signo Bit at 0.18mm. You definitely need the right sort of paper or it is scratchy and tears up the paper. They come in 0.18, 0.28 and 0.38 line widths. They are a needle style tip with a slightly more liquid ink, quite similar to a Pilot Precise V5, just finer. My go to refill is still the Pilot G2 in 0.38mm.

    If you want a better pen body, the G2 is one of the refills of choice for the machinists that lurk on Etsy and Kickstarter. That way you can get the pen body style you want (thick/thin, metal?plastic/wood, boardroom/tactical, etc) with the refill that works for you. The Japanese make many great refills, but their pen bodies suck.

    One interesting Kickstarter project was the Ti Arto by BigIDesign. It uses a clutch style mechanism and is compatible with some absurd number of refills (over 200). Project has been funded and in the shipping phase, but the pens are available form their website I believe.

    Words of warning: Once you go there, you will never want to use a cheap stationary store pen again.
  5. rat-7

    rat-7 Loaded Pockets

    +1 for the Ti Arto....... been using mine for a couple of weeks and tried several different inserts in it and they all work flawlessly.
  6. Sachsen

    Sachsen Loaded Pockets

    Man, I can't wait for Christmas. Mine arrived but I can't see it or play with it until it's in my stocking!
  7. rat-7

    rat-7 Loaded Pockets

    You're gonna love it.
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  8. Rockman18

    Rockman18 Loaded Pockets

    I think that I am going to buy one of the Ti Arto pens also, I will have to keep a cheapo pen in my pocket as a lender because I'm sure that I would never get the Arto back

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