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What light(s) do you have incoming?

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by bigfoot, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. -X3-

    -X3- Loaded Pockets

    Brinyte B158B (aspheric XP-L HI 18650)
    Jetbeam Jet UV (UV AAA)
    Nitecore EC4 (side switch XM-L2 2*18650)
  2. RGRAY

    RGRAY Loaded Pockets

    Incoming, Eagletac D25Cvn XPG2 PDT, polished and dark heat treated.​
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  3. KiloGolf92

    KiloGolf92 Loaded Pockets

    Love it. Where can I find a D25c like this one??

    ETA: Nevermind! Found it!!

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  4. Steve Simsich

    Steve Simsich Loaded Pockets

    In coming today. Came in tonight...
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  5. Snyperx

    Snyperx Loaded Pockets

    Nitecore MT06

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  6. RGRAY

    RGRAY Loaded Pockets

    [​IMG] Re: Incoming - What do you have coming in the mail??
    I found a like new original (first release) ARC AAA.
    Now I have:
    ARC original alm black AAA
    ARC Limited Edition alm green AAA
    ARC-P alm natural AAA
    ARC-P GS alm black AAA
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    Last edited: Jan 4, 2017
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  7. redvalkyrieone
    • +1 Supporter

    redvalkyrieone Loaded Pockets

    What's the lumen rating on the original Arc AAA?

    I have a Reylight Pinnapple on the way and a 2013 orange Malkoff MDC--they weren't made for very long but you can run both a AA or a 14500. The 14500 is some insane amount of lumen but the AA is a bit more mellow and has a much longer runtime. Plus it has the old style deep carry clip.
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  8. TKC

    TKC Loaded Pockets

    I have always liked those!! Where on Earth did you find that? (If you don't mind me asking.)
  9. EZDog

    EZDog EDC Junkie!!!!!

  10. GREG R

    GREG R Empty Pockets

    HOLY CRAP 448 USD?
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  11. EZDog

    EZDog EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Crazy isnt it?
    Not what I paid for it for sure!
    Great light though and they better be.

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  12. Kev2488

    Kev2488 Loaded Pockets

    Yeah spent $99 on my first one 6 years ago then about 8 months later paid $170 then this past summer paid $260 something for the last one. They definitely aren't cheap that's for sure.

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  13. EZDog

    EZDog EDC Junkie!!!!!

    That was my progression too almost exactly!
    I am still not sure that my first one isn't really my favorite either?
  14. Kev2488

    Kev2488 Loaded Pockets

    Well my first was a 120E that just wasn't bright enough then I got a 170T that had some problems with and my current is a 200HCRI that hopefully is ok. I'm hesitant to carry it anymore has I snagged the clip one day on a tailgate wire and I lost my ZL SC600W out of my pocket a few weeks ago so I'm mainly carry my stylus pro for that reason.

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  15. Tallboyjim

    Tallboyjim Loaded Pockets

    Feeling a bit of cheapskate dropping £27 on an olight s1a on a big river lightening deal now!
  16. turbo6

    turbo6 Loaded Pockets

    My son got a headlamp for Christmas and I was a bit jealous since I didn't have one yet.

    Oddly enough a few days later I ended up winning a Fenix HL10 that's currently on its way.


    Looks very nice and lightweight.
  17. RGRAY

    RGRAY Loaded Pockets

    I just found this PEAK LED SOLUTIONS ss AAA like new.
  18. Tallboyjim

    Tallboyjim Loaded Pockets

    Olight S1A arrived swiftly. Cool white but very bright for AA.
  19. Fire Fighter

    Fire Fighter Loaded Pockets

    Manker LAD 300 with Nichia LED.
  20. JoeLiberty

    JoeLiberty Loaded Pockets

    D25C2 Ti clicky... at 50$ I couldn't pass it up.