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Where did Bushidomosquito go?

Discussion in 'General EDC Discussion' started by Lemonbrah, Jan 10, 2013.

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    Lemonbrah Loaded Pockets

    I'm just wondering if anyone has gotten in touch with him at all recently, either on this forum or anywhere else. His customs were pretty well known and then he disappeared.
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    IMWILSON Loaded Pockets

    Kombi Loaded Pockets

    You'll need a few more posts to get into the area that post lives (it's in the Buy-sell-trade area), but the short story is there's a growing list of folks who, by all indications, have been ripped off by him. Sadly, I can count myself among those ranks. :(

    He recently popped up again only to scurry away when people started asking questions.
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    thePlumbah Meowderator

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    Lemonbrah Loaded Pockets

    I placed an order with him too, that's why I was curious. That's a shame, to say the least.
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    AK Adventurer EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Yes a great shame, his work is nice.

    I've been on both ends of this before, its never good.
    Its the reason I got out of making knives, and doing the same type custom work he does, one you over step your production capabilies and time allowances, both ends are F$*&%D real fast.

    It can be hard as the maker, once people are pissed, to do the right thing and make contact. Its sooo easy to ignore people that are already mad at you. You justify it as, "well, they're already mad, can't get any worse, I'll wait and see what happens" I hope he doesn't make this mistake for verry long. I'm ashamed to say there was a long gap between my initial problems and actually contacting and refunding people. Only made it all worse. I dearly hope he makes contact, and makes refunds. Its the only right way to handle it; its what you do. Period. Then if you have any sense, you get out of the game.

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    Lemonbrah Loaded Pockets

    Yeah that's true, and it's good that you fixed things up, but he hasn't made any attempts to message me (or a LOT of people) at all and I hadn't been hassling him about anything. I know custom jobs take time, and I've been patient with people before, but I only heard about this through the comments on EverydayCommentary. Up until a few days ago I had no idea any of this was happening.
    At this point all I want is my deposit back but I'm not crossing my fingers...

    Kombi Loaded Pockets

    I think by and large most of us were extremely patient and understanding with him. That, for me at least, is what makes this all the more frustrating.

    @AK Adventurer: I appreciate hearing that perspective. Maybe Aaron can at least redeem himself as you were able.
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    Lemonbrah Loaded Pockets

    I left a message on his youtube channel sometime last night, and now it's gone.
    How convenient.
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    Kombi Loaded Pockets

    Well, to be fair, that's not actually Aaron's YouTube channel, it's one of the forum members here who runs the Everyday Commentary blog. Unfortunately, he's been caught in the middle of this because of Aaron Solomon's (Bushidomosquito) actions.
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