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Wooden Pens

Discussion in 'EDCF Forum Store' started by JonSidneyB, Mar 31, 2013.

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    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared

    This is most likely a one time thing. There will be more information in a little bit. These have been in a box on the floor way too long.















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    Myth90045 Loaded Pockets

    Looks good. Depending on price I may be in for one.

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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    Looks like only the first couple are fountain pens. The rest look like RBs and BPs. :)
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    Myth90045 Loaded Pockets

    Lol I just saw that so I edited my post. Haha

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    surefire7 Loaded Pockets

    Any ideas on prices? NICE pens!
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    Mighty Max Loaded Pockets

    I may sound retarded here but, what is the difference between a roller ball and a ball point?
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    mooshi Loaded Pockets

    Rollerball uses water based/liquid/gel inks, ballpoints use oil based. :)
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    Mighty Max Loaded Pockets

    Thank you, that didn't help at all :p

    Just kidding mooshi.
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    revs Loaded Pockets

    Rollerballs typically have a finer line and, quite often, a ceramic ball for a smoother writing pen. I have one I like to use on occasion. For day to day use, a ballpoint will take the beating. If you drop a rollerball on its tip, there is a good chance it won't write again. At least from my experiences.
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    Quixotica Loaded Pockets

    For us lefties, rollerballs tend to not dry as quickly either, in my experience. I'm guessing it's because of the water based ink instead of oil? I don't know the finer details of inks. But I've never had a rollerball that didn't smear like crazy on my left hand. :)
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    rickboone Loaded Pockets

    Looks pretty neat...interested to see prices. Wouldn't mind a FP

    barlas Loaded Pockets

    Or for righties (is that a word? Have heard lefties before, never heard righties) that use a right-to-left written language :p

    Blak Smyth Loaded Pockets

    Definitley interested depending on price!

    Syclone Loaded Pockets

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    keeper Loaded Pockets

    I would like to know how long they are.
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    revs Loaded Pockets

    Typically 5.5"-6" give or take. At least that's the sizes of the ones I make. I know I've done at least one of those styles. The bullet BP pen.
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    tower Loaded Pockets

    So when will these be up on the store?
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    landwire Loaded Pockets

    Waiting for pricing. Especially the fountains.

    jralabate Loaded Pockets

    Wow I love them all!!!