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XTAR VP2, VP4 Plus Dragon, VC4, VC2 Plus, SV2, ANT MC-1 Plus, MC6; NiteCore i4 V2, D4 Chargers

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by david57strat, May 11, 2014.

  1. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    The latest line-up.


    Top Row (Left to right)
    1. LaCrosse BC-700
    2. Nitecore i4 V2
    3. Nitecore D4 (2)
    Middle Row (Left to right)
    1. XTAR VC4 (2)
    2. XTAR VP2 (2)
    3. XTAR SV2 - This is the newest addition [​IMG]. Just picked up a second one (not pictured).
    Bottom Row (Left to right)
    1. XTAR VC2 Plus (4)
    Right Hand Side (Top to Bottom)
    1. Pelican 1010 Case with 14500 batteries
    2. Pelican 1010 Case with 16340 and CR123 batteries (No...I did not buy those. They came with some flashlight purchases. I stopped buying CR123 batteries about four years ago.
    3. Pelican 1010 Case with 26650 batteries
    4. Pelican 1010 Case with 18650 batteries - still my favorite battery type :)
    A little closer look at those 1010 cases:

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  2. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    I just read about Nitecore's new SC2 charger. Has anyone read much about this one, or know where one can be purchased? I'd like to try one out.
  3. HalJordon

    HalJordon Banned

    I love the Xtar XP4 I got in the mail recently.

    Another great battery box is the newly released Solarforce 18650 battery box, awesome storage that can be had for less than $8 a piece.

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  4. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    I went ahead and ordered an SC2 :).
  5. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    Here are the SV2s, in action. I couldn't be more happy with them:
    XTAR SV2s, shown next to a pair of VP2s

    A little closer look at the SV2s.

    D cells will fit in my VC4s, as well (in the outer 2 slots); but the charging rate is much higher on the SV2s, and the fit is much better (the wells seem deeper, on the SV2, so the fit is more snug, for these larger D cells).

    I'm looking forward to comparing one of these SV2s, with the Nitecore SC2, once it arrives.

    I kind of miss the estimated time 'til charged remaining on the LED readout, as is found on the VC2 Plus units. That's a really nice feature, not found, here. On the other hand, the higher charge rate (2 Amps/hour, as opposed to the 1 Amp/hour on the VC2 Plus units) makes up for that lacking feature. Also, these are not USB-power-able; but that's no big surprise, given the higher amperage rate that they produce.

    A nice bonus of this SV2 is that you can drop the charge rate down to as little as 250 mAh, which is great for much smaller batteries. A simple double-click of the center button, causes the select-able charge rate to drop directly to 200 mAh. When you initially plug in the power supply, the default charge rate is 1 Amp/hour. The displays work the same as with the VC2 Plus units, in that they dim automatically, after one minute, after placing a battery in the slot. I'm fairly sure the only units that stay on constantly (but are defeat-able, if wanted) are on the VP2 units.

    As with the other XTAR units, the LED readouts are defeat-able by pressing an holding the mode switch (It's an on/off toggle).

    These SV2 chargers run surprisingly cool, considering the higher charge rate, as well. They did a nice job with the heat sinking on these units.
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  6. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    Just recently added a pair of ANT MC1 Plus chargers:


    Super portable, with nice back lit LED read-outs, and auto-sensing circuitry, to set 1 Amp/Hour, or .5 Amp/Hr (for smaller batteries).
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  7. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    Finally, some newer pictures, showing the chargers in use [​IMG]




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  8. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    I just picked up an XTAR Queen ANT MC6, 6-bank charger. I have yet to take any pictures of it. The interface seemed a little odd, to me. It's a dual USB port charger, with banks 1 and 6, supplying up to 1 Amp/Hr, and banks 2-5, supplying 500 mAh (or, if you use only banks 2 and 5, or 1, 2, 5, and 6, then 1 Amp/Hr).

    There are no buttons, of any kind, on this charger. It's just supposed to auto sense the battery and adjust itself, accordingly. XTAR mention "dynamic charging", which is supposed to adjust the charging levels, according to which batteries are added/removed; but it does it in a different way than my D4 units, and that's the part I'm getting used to.

    This is strictly a lithium ion charger. I'm not accustomed to having to use two USB cables, to power a single charger. That feels a bit strange, but not a huge deal.

    I'm kind of on the fence on this charger; but for the price, I couldn't pass it up, and figured it was worth a shot. It doesn't hurt that the XTAR Direct store is just minutes away; so I could place my order on-line, and have it in my hands, that same day lol.

    The VP-4 Plus Dragon is next on my list, and will be a pleasure to use, I'm sure.

    Stay tuned!
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  9. 0dBm

    0dBm Loaded Pockets

    With that many flashlights, batteries, and chargers, are you supplying a group of people or is it a collection and hobby?
  10. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    I use lights very heavily, at work, when I'm alone (They completely take the place of the awful fluorescent lighting, which I find thoroughly depressing), and I also make use of them, any other chance I get.

    ..and I'm a flashlight fanatic. I do collect them, but they get used, too. I don't believe in just having lights that are shelf queens. They're basic tools, just like hand tools - meant to be used.

    I had no idea, until about three years ago, or so, that there were so many different tints available. Some people like the warmer tints, or at least neutral tints, and these are actually a lot more desirable, to me, than strictly cool tints (especially when they have those crummy blue, purple, or greenish hues to them) - although cool white has its place, too.

    I feel the same way about musical instruments (An instrument is meant to be played - not just looked at), but I don't own nearly as many of those lol.
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  11. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    I forgot to mention that I also love using lights (usually ceiling-bounced) for still photography work. They really enhance the overall look of a picture, and don't cost nearly as much as professional lighting equipment.

    They can also be used for a multitude of other lighting uses, as well, so I really get my money's worth out of my lights.
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  12. NorthernHarrier

    NorthernHarrier Loaded Pockets

    I recently purchased an Xtar VC4, and I'm very pleased with it so far - easy to use, excellent quality feel and build quality. Aaron at Xtar Direct was very helpful, also. I think the VC4 is an excellent value for a multi-chemistry charger, at under $30.

    You need to have an adequate power source (5V, 2A or more) to charge cells at the full rate possible with this charger, as the power source is connected to the charger via a USB power cord. However, I find that my HP laptop will provide full charging power, as will my inexpensive CE Tech wall outlet adapter. Not a big problem.
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  13. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    Agreed. An adequate power source is necessary to fully utilize the highest charge rate capabilities of these USB-powered chargers.

    I love the read-outs on the VC4s. For those two units, I use an Anker PowerPort 2 dual USB unit that works extremely well, is very reasonably priced, as well as nicely compact (great for travel!)
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  14. NorthernHarrier

    NorthernHarrier Loaded Pockets

    david57strat: those Anker power banks are great. I have an E5 that is terrific. I haven't tried using it to power my charger, but I look forward to it.
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  15. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    I finally bit the bullet and picked up an XTAR VP4 Plus Dragon Charger. What an amazing unit! It's so feature-filled, and came with a bunch of accessories (12-volt power cable, test leads, for built-in multi-meter, nylon carry case, etc. It's probably the most high-end charger I own, to date. It definitely takes up the most real estate of any of my chargers, on my desk. This thing is huge! It's the largest charger I own, thus far.

    Banks 1 and 4 can charge at 2 Amps/Hr max, or 1 Amp/Hr x 4. Banks 2 and 3 will charge at .5 Amp/hr. or 1 Amp/Hr x 2.

    All four slots are wide enough to accommodate 4 26650 batteries side-by-side, with the only limitation being charging at a rate of 1 Amp/Hr x 4 (as opposed to 2 Amp/Hr x 2, using slots 1 and 4 only). I can live with that.

    It's going to take me a while to really use all of the features, to be able to comment on all of them; but off the bat, I noticed that the display is really huge. You get status for two banks at a time, much like the VC4 units.

    I kind of wish they had made the display half the size, and made a way to show status of all four banks simultaneously, rather tan just Banks 1 and 4, or 2 and 3 (as with the VC4). This thing is gigantic! I thought my VC4 s were big lol.

    The built-in multi-meter (with the included probes) works beautifully, displaying battery voltage and resistance. Very nice :). All you do is cross the leads, and it goes into multi-meter mode. Double pressing the Display button brings you back to whatever mode you were in (usually charge, for me).

    I'll have to take some pictures in the near future.
  16. DragonRider

    DragonRider Loaded Pockets

    In your experience which usb charger for Lion, and Lion/NiMH single or double cell would you recommend?
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  17. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    I, very much, like the VC2 Plus chargers (So much that I bought four of them lol), for a USB-power-able 2-bank lithium ion or NiMh charger:


    I actually prefer the SV2s (with the wider voltage ranges), but those are not USB power-able, and they have no powerbank feature.

    The VP2 units are very solid, as well, and I love the ability to use them for longer batteries (which don't fit well in some of the other chargers), the LiFePO4 capabilities, and power bank, but they are not USB power-able, either :-(.

    The VP2 was my very first XTAR purchase, and I was favorably impressed - enough to continue buying XTAR chargers (thirteen chargers later lol).
  18. DragonRider

    DragonRider Loaded Pockets

    Thank you for the feedback!
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  19. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    You're most welcome!
  20. david57strat

    david57strat EDC Junkie!!!

    Finally, a picture of the Dragon, in action, charging a pair of 26650 batteries. Those probes came with the charger. Love those!