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AAA light problems

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by breakingcontact, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact Loaded Pockets

    I've had multiple AAA lights (Fenix and Streamlight) which will not stay on.

    If I leave them on for 5 minutes or so, they shut off.

    This is happening for me with multiple lights and I make sure they have fresh batteries.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Westerdutch

    Westerdutch Loaded Pockets

    By fresh batteries do you mean fresh out the package alkalines or do you mean fresh of the charger NiMH?
  3. Dingle1911

    Dingle1911 Loaded Pockets

    That light behavior seems odd. Please share some more information about the batteries.
  4. The Sixth Beatle

    The Sixth Beatle Loaded Pockets

    It does sound like a battery issue; I have several fenix AAAs and they all work fine
  5. breakingcontact

    breakingcontact Loaded Pockets

    Fresh out of the package alkalines and fresh off the charger NiMH.

    I don't know if I'm expecting too much from the lights or batteries?

    Streamlight Microstream and Fenix LD02 both give me the same problem, they just shut off after being left on for a few minutes. Then if I click them off and let them sit a few minutes I can turn them back on and they are at full brightness.

    I had similar problems with the Streamlight ProTac 1AA.

    My only lights I've really been happy with are my Surefire lights and I have a Fenix 01 which is fine.
  6. The Sixth Beatle

    The Sixth Beatle Loaded Pockets

    I've got a LD02 so I put a fresh Eneloop Pro (straight out of the packet) in it. It ran for about an hour before going dim.

    I'd say your torch is duff :-(
  7. Westerdutch

    Westerdutch Loaded Pockets

    So the turning off by itself but being able to turn em back on again after a while is either one of two things (not including freezing temperatures); 1) Thermal protection - the light getting to hot and shutting itself off to prevent damage, can be turned back on once cooled sufficiently or 2) undervoltage cutoff - the light will not function under certain voltage, batteries once left to rest will recover some of their voltage making it possible for the light to turn back on after a couple minutes.

    So, are the lights very hot when they decide to die on you? If not its likely the cells. Alkalines are generally a bad idea in.. well... any situation (especially the cheap ones), so i would not focus too much on those and you are best off to avoid using them as much as you can. How old and what type are the NiMHs you use, given that they work ok in your super low current lights gives me the idea that they are just plain old and bad as performance will suffer most when driving batteries harder. Also, how do you charge your NiMHs?
  8. turbo6

    turbo6 Loaded Pockets

    Have you tried cleaning the contacts with a little alcohol?
  9. SurivStud

    SurivStud Loaded Pockets

    I am not an expert, in fact I just own a few lights (Fenix, Maglite, others) but I think it's just an over heat protection, designed to work in such a manner in order to avoid high temperature of the flashlight and near surfaces.

    The Fenix user manual for several models makes mention of an over heat protection feature.

    If it lasts for to short before turning off, it might be a different issue but, IMHO, 5 or 10 minutes could be enough for a small flashlight to get heat on certain surrounding circumstances.

    I would say your flashlight it's most likely working as it is supposed to be.