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Best EDC lighter for a nonsmoker...

Discussion in 'Other Every Day Carry Items' started by bryan123, Nov 17, 2016.

  1. Fusilier

    Fusilier Loaded Pockets

    I have two small peanut lighters but they dry out too fast to be of use to me. I think something that uses butane would better for EDC but only occasional use.

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  2. mauiblue

    mauiblue Loaded Pockets

    The first EDC lighter I bought was a Windmill Delta Stormproof lighter. I've owned it for almost 4 years now. I use it mainly for melting the ends of paracord when making my monkey fist keychains and sinnets. I've always wanted a Zippo style lighter and finally after all these years bought a Douglass Field S lighter. Wow, what a piece of kit! I've had it for almost a couple months now and it will be a great EDC lighter.
  3. gazz98

    gazz98 Loaded Pockets

    I don't smoke but my BOB, hiking, and camping kits all include Bics.
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  4. smokingfish

    smokingfish Loaded Pockets

    Bic lighters by far. I have never seen another lighter that is as durable and reliable as a bic, and they're so cheap in bulk.
    I stash these things everywhere, home car work.
    Of course you should always have a special lighter, but nothing beats a bic dollar for dollar.
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  5. madjoe86

    madjoe86 Loaded Pockets

    Bic for me too. I just usually carry one in my pants pocket & a spare in my bag.

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  6. Fan-Rang 173

    Fan-Rang 173 Loaded Pockets

    Ronson Jetlite
  7. DrTom

    DrTom Empty Pockets

    D jeep disposables. Bic is great but these last at least 2x as long and are easier to light.
  8. adnj

    adnj Loaded Pockets

    I agree that they are twice the lighter but they usually cost about $3 vs $1 for the Bic. They're are also a bit larger, hence lasting longer. Djeep are not that easy to find but I have never been anywhere that didn't have a local store nearby with a carton of Bic lighters available for sale.

    If I were a smoker, I would definitely opt for something better than a Bic but for someone like me, the Bic is the best choice.

    It's ubiquitous, has plenty of accessories for carry and storage, inexpensive, reliable, and the only example of superior French design and manufacturing that I can think of.

    (btw: Djeep is French, also.)

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  9. broonzbane

    broonzbane Empty Pockets

    Vertigo Cyclone. Cheap and reliable. Triple torch butane. A favorite among cigar afficianados. Look no further.
  10. thatotherguy

    thatotherguy EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Rereading this thread gave me a couple more points I'd like to make- first, Zippos aren't bad lighters if you're using them a lot and can keep them dry. They're just not great for throwing in a bag and forgetting about for months on end- they do evaporate and they've got their little foibles, but now that it's handwarmer and woodstove season, I can justify having a zippo in my pocket. I use a lighter almost every day to start a fire in our fireplace insert, so it gets used fairly often.
    Also, perhaps you would be better served with a two- source system. Personally, I usually keep a lighter (bic or zippo) in my pocket, and both a mini-bic and a Marbles match safe full of penny matches and a couple of striker strips (because the new diamond brand green tipped strike anywhere matches are worthless without the striker pad) in my bag. That way I've got a source of fire no matter what. It doesn't take up much room or weight. Something to think about.
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  11. jcwagers

    jcwagers Loaded Pockets

    I don't know about the "best" but I saw one of the Grindworx peanut style lighters on Blade HQ for about $2.99 right now. Looks to have an o-ring so the fluid might not evaporate. I've considered trying one to see how they are but haven't made up my mind yet. Just figured I'd mention it in case some of you might be interested.... :)
  12. suburbDad

    suburbDad Loaded Pockets

  13. malraux72

    malraux72 Loaded Pockets

    Amen ! Sadly this is the truth. ........................ Although nothing compares to the feel & sound of a ZIPPO !
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  14. Cobra 6 Actual

    Cobra 6 Actual Loaded Pockets

    Amen to that, @malraux72 ... that must be why I have a couple of hundred Zippos (althought all of the 'users' have butane inserts) and I have very 'holy feelings' for three or four of those Zippos.

    I may have several Bics and use them as needed. But, they remain anonymous to me: I couldn't tell you which is the oldest or the most used or my favorite ( ... since I don't have a favorite one). Totally interchangeable and unmemorable.
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