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Discreet Tactical Pants for Office Job

Discussion in 'EDC Clothing' started by Olympus, May 6, 2016.

  1. Thai_cat

    Thai_cat Empty Pockets

    Also the good decision would be to find tactical-non-tactical pants from 5.11 and Blackhawk! old collections.
  2. Magic8ball

    Magic8ball Loaded Pockets

    Just picked up a pair of Prana Zion's. Material has a tiny bit of stretch, they are very comfortable and breath well. I may start tossing them in to the business casual rotation.
  3. NorthernHarrier

    NorthernHarrier Loaded Pockets

    I go with Vertx Phantom pants when they go on sale at LAPolicegear. They are tough, have cargo pockets that don't scream "tactical" and they are easy to care for. I wear them daily for my commute into DC.
  4. ArkansasFan30

    ArkansasFan30 Loaded Pockets

    How about dry cleaning?

    Khakis come in a large variety of fits and cotton weights. The options are limitless and to find good slacks you can't simply go to JC Penney and find what's folded up on the shelf.

    I take all of my slacks for dry cleaning with sweaters and jackets. I get my shirts laundered and pressed there. The $2/shirt beats me taking time to do it. The cotton pants like khakis also lasts longer with dry cleaning. I wear actual slacks most days with well fitting long sleeve button downs. They seem to last longer and look more professional. The drawback is the socks. I loathe dress socks, and I've tried To least a dozen different ones.

    I actually stumbled onto this thread researching Kuhl pants, and I'm seeing the "elite" on the internet wearing them. I'm looking for new options to replace my 5.11 trash. All their pants are total trash now. QC is very bad. Shame on them.
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  5. babola

    babola Loaded Pockets

    TAD Spartans, Coverts or borderline Recons. All lower profile than the 'standard' cargo/tactical pants.

    5.11 has a good range too, I just rate TADs a little higher, that's all.
  6. surfdaworld

    surfdaworld Empty Pockets

    Costco sometimes carries nice 'travel' chinos. The black ones look like slacks, but have a concealed leg pocket with a hidden zipper, and a concealed interior pocket that also zips shut. Very discreet for lightweight EDC, IMO.

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  7. popedandy

    popedandy Loaded Pockets

    The Tru-Spec Lightweight Classic 24-7 works pretty well for me.
  8. Ken Watson
    • +1 Supporter

    Ken Watson Loaded Pockets

    The Ridgelines are worth it.
  9. Dave613

    Dave613 Loaded Pockets

    Anyone tried these in the 2.0 version they are now advertising on their site? Search for "vertx phantom lt 2.0 pants" to find the page and the manufacturer's description of the changes. Have a number of the "1.0" style, just wondered if anyone has tried the replacement version.


  10. charlie fox

    charlie fox Loaded Pockets

    I've been wearing these same trousers for the last month; they hold up very well and look good. They are a little warm if you live in a hot, humid place but they're not horrible. The zipper pull is a little small and delicate, but I guess you don't want something obvious.
  11. Lopez

    Lopez Loaded Pockets

    Vertx office. I believe that I saw something like that a while ago
  12. babola

    babola Loaded Pockets

    Phantom LT or Phantom OPS?

    I tried both of them. They wear like canvas with a very rigid feel to them.
    I also have an issue with dishing $70 for a pair of pants in polyester rich poly-cotton cloth.
    Talked to their product manager during last SHOT show, congratulated them on a Phantom OPS design and features and commented on cheap poly-cotton ripstop cloth. He said 'everyone uses it these days' but mentioned many others also "complained" about that and promised they will explore other materials too. So far I haven't heard/seen it apart the brand new Recon pants which are basically Phantom OPS in Mil-spec Cordura NyCo Multicam with extra 4 utility pockets sewn on.

    I love both the Phantom LT and the Phantom OPS cut and fit, cargo pockets on the latter remind me of original Vietnam OD jungle fatigues. Shame it only comes in the cheapest ripstop material currently on the market.
  13. Municipal_Jedi
    • +3 Supporter

    Municipal_Jedi Loaded Pockets

    I don't have a pair (mostly because of price) but the TAD Spartan line looks like it would fit the bill.