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Discussion in 'FAQs + How To' started by Soulriot, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. Soulriot
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    Soulriot EDCF Rule Enforcer Staff Member


    After the requisite number of posts is made, a trophy point value is awarded and added to member's cumulative point total (see schedule below). A known bug: award titles are not automatically upgrading as designed. We know that it's a fun thing to achieve a new level, and the next version upgrade should correct the issue.


    If you've achieved Loaded Pockets status (15+ posts), allowing you to access the Buy/Sell/Trade sub-forum, but are experiencing a problem, contact a staff member by private message (PC) and it will be corrected. Staff list here.


    Posts made in the EDCF Welcome Mat sub-forums do not increase post/message count totals.

    Post (message) count and point totals appear in the box beneath navigation bar, to the right of avatar.



    -- Also known as convo, private conversation (PC) or private message (PM).

    Private messaging occurs between up to three members (participants). It's not viewable by anyone else, including forum staff. Instructions for deleting a conversation located here.

    A red "alert box" appears above INBOX on navigation bar when new conversation or reply is in queue. The number inside the box denotes number of unread conversations or replies.

    Hover pointer over "alert box" to display drop-down list of ten most recent conversations (unread conversations and replies appear at top). Click on conversation title to view full conversation. Click "alert box" to display full-page list of active conversations.



    ALERTS also appear on navigation bar. Number of unread alerts appears in red "alert box." Access procedure is similar to CONVERSATIONS (above).


    Alerts notify of an event. The six most common alerts received (depending on account settings):
    • Like: a member has "liked" one of your posts;
    • Quote: a member has quoted you in a post;
    • Mention: a member is drawing your attention to a post;
    • Watched thread: new posts have been made in a thread you've elected to follow;
    • Profile post: a member has posted on your Profile Page;
    • Alert from forum administration: a special announcement has been sent to all members.
    To configure alert notification preferences, hover mouse pointer over member name on navigation bar; select ALERT PREFERENCES in drop-down.


    • Likes -- Click Like at bottom of post-pane to give another member positive feedback for his/her post. Click Unlike to reverse. Like count appears beneath post count (described above).
    • Quotes -- To quote another member, click Reply in their post-pane. Quote multiple members by clicking Reply in each post-pane. Quoted member(s) will receive an alert.
    • Mentions -- Alert another member that you've mentioned them in a post by including their user name within post, using this format: @memberusername. Essential that user name is correctly spelled.
    • Watched Threads -- follow a thread by clicking Watch Thread (above post-pane of initial post in a thread); click Unwatch Thread to cancel.
    • Profile Posts -- PROFILE PAGES include a public area where user and other members can post a comment that is viewable by all members. It is not private. Members can delete any post on their Profile Page. If set in ALERT PREFERENCES, a profile post generates an alert.

    Four types of banners may appear beneath member's avatar image: forum staff title, Sponsor MFR, supporter badge(s), and "In Omnia Paratus."
    • Staff Banner Moderator and Administrator. Contact via private conversation. Staff list HERE.
    SOULRIOT12.jpg XBANKER12.jpg
    • Sponsor MFR Denotes sponsoring manufacturers who supply products or have an affiliate agreement with forum store. Affiliate agreements: store receives small compensation when members purchase a product after clicking on manufacturer's banner ad at page-top. Read manufacturers' threads and product announcements HERE.
    • Supporter Supporter badges are awarded to members who generously donate to help cover expenses required to "keep the doors open."
    The four badge levels and the cost for three months: +1 ($5), +2 ($10), +3 ($15) and +4 ($20). Multiple badges may be purchased, and will simultaneously display. Access through Support EDC Forums on navigation bar or click here. Participation is voluntary, and renewals are at members' discretion. All members enjoy the same forum functionality whether or not they possess a supporter badge, with one exception. In order to create and maintain a Buy/Sell/Trade listing, members must have at minimum a +1 Supporter Badge. However, no supporter badge is required to buy or trade in another member's listing.
    • In Omnia Paratus These banners denote members who possess an EDCF Challenge Coin. In Omnia Paratus is Latin for "ready for all things."
    22222222222222222222222222222222.jpg back.jpg front.jpg


    If you like, you can add any Member to your list of "People you follow" and then later access the list to see what your friends are up to when you log into the Forums. You can add them to your list by clicking their username and clicking "Follow", as seen below.


    Accessing the list can be done by clicking your name at the top right, next to your Inbox, and clicking "People you follow".



    You can also keep a Member from triggering an Alert when they post in a thread you follow.



    The fastest and most efficient way to resolve a problem post is to report it. If there is a posting on the forum that requires a staff member's attention, such as a post that is breaking forum rules, you can report the post using the REPORT POST tool.

    To use, locate the post, then click the Report link located at bottom of post-pane.


    In the pop-up window, describe why you are reporting the post. Please be concise, but specific. Then click the Report Post button.

    After you have reported a post, forum staff will review your report and appropriately moderate the post if warranted. You will not routinely be notified of any action taken, although a staff member may message you in certain circumstances.


    The just-described report procedure is designed to report posts only. Not entire threads.

    In rare instances, a thread will go "sideways." It happens. Example: thread doesn't violate forum rules — thus no staff moderation — but for whatever reason, it's fallen out-of-favor with members.

    Members may collectively DOWN-VOTE a thread. If ten members down-vote within 24-hour period, thread is placed in moderation queue for staff review, and decision made whether or not to remove thread from public view.

    The DOWN-VOTE link is located just above first post-pane in a thread, at page-right. Click Down-vote Thread link, then click Down-vote Thread button in pop-up box.




    If you want to post a reply that includes multiple quotes (that is, a quote from member A's post, and a quote from member B's post), simply click REPLY in member A's post-pane, then click REPLY in member B's post-pane. Both quotes will be placed in your reply. The result will look like this:
    To illustrate the fact that you can "edit" these quotes, you'll see that I didn't quote FL Woods Bum in its entirety (you might sometimes want to remove content that doesn't pertain to your reply, or choose not to include large or multiple images contained in the member's original post). Do quote as normal, then select unwanted text and/or image, and hit your keyboard's DELETE key.

    :)Bonus hint: to be taken to the original post that's been quoted by someone, click the small up-arrow next to quoted member's name.


    • At the bottom of your first post in the thread, click the EDIT button;
    • then click the MORE OPTIONS button;
    • The resulting screen will show a pop-up box where you can now edit the title.

    Searching the forum is a very powerful tool and will help you answer most questions or find topics of interest. To search the forum you will want to go to the tool bar at the upper right hand corner and type into where it says "Search..." Depending on where in the forum you are you will see different drop down options.

    The below drop down will be seen while in the forum index, home page, or new posts listing, as well as any other non subforum location.

    You can see that you have the options in the quick search options; "search titles only", by member, and by date. You can also click the "more" button for the full search page.

    Now the below drop down is for when you are in a thread inside of a subforum.


    In this drop down you now have the additional options of searching on that thread, or the specific subforum.

    You may also click the drop down menu in the bottom right corner to access a quick search for recently posted hreads, your own threads, your content(recent posts), and a list of all Profile Posts you've made on your's, and other's, profiles.


    There is also a Quick Navigation Menu icon on the screen, that will give you quick access to some General Links and the Forum List. The icon moves depending on which screen you are on so here is a couple of examples...



    The Quick Navigation Menu (You may scroll down through the list)


    This FAQ will be ever changing and updated as issues arise and new features become available.

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  2. Soulriot
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    Soulriot EDCF Rule Enforcer Staff Member

    Answers posted for the most common questions asked. The staff will update this list as time goes on and we learn more about the software.
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  3. SAKplumber
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    :rofl: So, if anyone needs to know how to ignore @T.H.Cone, this is how:rofl:
  4. SAKplumber
    • In Omnia Paratus

    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Nice job, Soulriot! Thanks!
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  5. snowkiwi
    • In Omnia Paratus

    snowkiwi EDC Junkiwi

    Nice job @Soulriot. Very comprehensive and all in one place.:cool:
    I know the Award Titles have been a work in progress. - I kinda like being a secretEDCJunkie!!!! though

    There are some true word smiths or keyboard junkies out there who have well over 2000 posts.
    Possible additional Awards could be: EDCOCD! EDCMaster! EDCSensai! EDCfreak! EDCfruitloop?:p
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  6. Brtsmpsn
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    • In Omnia Paratus

    Brtsmpsn Oh, Canada!

    Just used this to figure out a couple of things, thanks @soulriot

    Just one question on the Mention @ feature, is there a way to mention @FL Woods Bum or other names with spaces. For now I just quote from another thread and drag it into where I want them to see something.

    I am not sure if I should take that personal or not. :p:rofl:
  7. snowkiwi
    • In Omnia Paratus

    snowkiwi EDC Junkiwi

    Yes Personal! ...Its definitely personal, only aimed at you Bart. Can you feel the love?:hug::p
  8. snowkiwi
    • In Omnia Paratus

    snowkiwi EDC Junkiwi

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  9. SAKplumber
    • In Omnia Paratus

    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I inadvertently left a space in T.H.Cone's username and he was never alerted. I edited it but don't know if the alert gets kicked to him so I figured if I quote myself he will definitely get it :
  10. xbanker
    • Administrator

    xbanker Geriatric Admin Staff Member

    I believe multiple mentions can be made if separated by a space. Let's try it.
    @Brtsmpsn @SAKplumber @snowkiwi
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  11. SAKplumber
    • In Omnia Paratus

    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Word. I was in the middle but I got the alert, @xbanker. But I thought he was referring to mentioning names that have spaces in them...which I didn't think was a problem either...@FL Woods Bum(ok, lets see if the man shows up:))
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  12. Brtsmpsn
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    • In Omnia Paratus

    Brtsmpsn Oh, Canada!

    The plumbah is correct the usernames with spaces don't seem to get the notifications @AK Adventurer @FL Woods Bum.
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  13. AK Adventurer

    AK Adventurer Ice, Ice, Tigre

    Nope, Doesn't work.

    No, really.... :rolleyes:
    I ended up here for another reason...

    One of you guys want to try my name in quotes to see if it works?
    or I guess I could do FWB... @"FL Woods Bum"
    Just a thought...
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  14. SAKplumber
    • In Omnia Paratus

    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    @"AK Adventurer" IDK< I never saw one like that
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  15. SAKplumber
    • In Omnia Paratus

    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    How about lower case. ....@fl woods bum
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  16. SAKplumber
    • In Omnia Paratus

    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    How 'bout without the space, like...@akadventurer
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  17. cowsmilk

    cowsmilk EDC Junkie!!!!!


  18. FlyersFanJV

    FlyersFanJV Loaded Pockets

    This is kind of entertaining to watch. To throw in my 2 cents since I'm in IT, not that it's worth that much, usernames are unique. Once you start adding spaces, symbols, ect, it changes the username and wouldn't alert the right person. If you use lowercase or capital letters when @ someone, it should work either way, unless the username is case sensitive in the software. But once you put spaces it, it's a new, unique name.
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  19. AK Adventurer

    AK Adventurer Ice, Ice, Tigre

    Nope, nothing yet.
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  20. SAKplumber
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    SAKplumber EDC Junkie!!!!!

    ;)how's about now;) :rofl: