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Handgun Section

Discussion in 'Forum Functionality Issues' started by E.D.C, May 11, 2016.

  1. E.D.C

    E.D.C Loaded Pockets

    hello I wanted to touch on a subject I notice today as I was going to post picture of my new firearm.

    it say titled handguns for a sections I think should be named firearms because hand guns are simply guns, a rifle isn't a handgun per say, a shotgun isn't a handgun
    so why call it the handgun section instead of firearms?:p
  2. Dr Jekell
    • Administrator
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Dr Jekell I had fun once, It was awful. Staff Member

    That may be coming, but that decision is above my pay grade.
  3. 0dBm

    0dBm Loaded Pockets

    When the forum was born 10 years ago, the owner's idea was to discuss items actually carried in the pockets of articles of clothing. It has evolved into more than that now; however, that individual section's name has not been changed to reflect the evolution.

    I prefer it to remain that way because renaming to the broader category would dilute the original intent of a firearm carried daily. There are plenty of other forums that discuss firearms as a generic category. EDCF is unique and should remain that way.
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  4. E.D.C

    E.D.C Loaded Pockets

    well there are people that carry shotguns and rifles as a daily carry, and you your self called it a fire arm
  5. Ken Watson
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    Ken Watson Loaded Pockets

    I feel the same. Sure, there is the odd guy who edcs a rifle same as there's the odd guy who edcs a machete or a sword, or edcs a 65L hiking pack, and I say they might as well post in the most relevant forum, but it's not a gun forum or a knife forum or a backpack forum. It's an EDC forum so I think the title is just reflecting the original spirit of the overall theme of the boards.
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