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Merry Christmas

Discussion in 'EDCF Calendar' started by jimmiewalker, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. jimmiewalker

    jimmiewalker Loaded Pockets

    Hello everybody!!!
    It's Christmas time!![​IMG]
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  2. Cervantes

    Cervantes Loaded Pockets

    How did we ever do it before multi-tools were invented?
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  3. Freddo4J

    Freddo4J Loaded Pockets

    Many, many tools (collections of them) - can't beat having my LM close by. Merry Christmas to all!
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  4. keith1234
    • In Omnia Paratus

    keith1234 Loaded Pockets

    Looks like you're making your own hooks been there and done that. It's even better when you have a multitool in your pocket for those spur of the moment ones you have to make.
  5. Si_K
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Si_K Loaded Pockets

    OMG!! I've got to get my wife a present!

    But seriously, nice baubles!

    Ok not that serious. :D

    Merry christmas!
  6. Grinch

    Grinch Banned

    +1 on the Christmas time

    I was hoping someone would do a holiday thread to talk about all the events celebrated during the holidays .

  7. Yetitrician

    Yetitrician Loaded Pockets

    Christmas isnt allowed until after thanksgiving...
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