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Discussion in 'Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and Notebook Covers' started by DIlan, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. DIlan

    DIlan Loaded Pockets

    I see that lot of us are carrying simple notebooks but how about organizers? Do you have one? Did you get one for next year? Do you carry it with your other EDC stuff or it lays down on your home/office favourite desk?
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  2. flatline

    flatline Loaded Pockets

    I like the Arc disc system (identical to the Levenger disc system but about 1/3rd the cost). I think there's a Tul version now, too.

    That's the format of all my meeting notes. Since I can add pages to the back and remove pages from the front, I have a stack of meeting notes that goes back to 2012...although it's very rare that I look back more than a couple of months.

  3. RMinNJ

    RMinNJ Loaded Pockets

    Franklin planner ..2 pages per day, vinyl ring binder. I'm embarassed to show because the binder gets fill with all kinds of papers including a moleskin notebook. I refill it 1 month at a time to keep the thickness down. Refills are getting expensive but I'm so used to the each day laid out where I can write in meetings and the extra note page had meeting notes for that day.
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  4. WillAdams

    WillAdams Loaded Pockets

    I'm with flatline and have been using Levenger Circa disks for a very long while now. I keep a small one in my laptop bag in a paperback cover, and use larger ones at home for reference and notes.
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  5. DIlan

    DIlan Loaded Pockets

    I did the sam thing, but have problems with rewriting. Basically, the big one that I have at home is often forgotten.... Because it stands on my desk which often gets crowded and organizer gets lost and it's too big to pull it underneath all those papers.
  6. 313
    • +3 Supporter

    313 Uber Prepared

    Yes sir, I do carry one. This year's was a cheap generic pocket calendar, for 2017 I have a moleskine large softcover weekly notebook ready and waiting for bag duty.
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  7. Moshe ben David

    Moshe ben David Loaded Pockets

    Have you considered printing your own pages? Templates abound online; getting a suitable hole punch (if you don't already have one) is actually a really good investment to generally add to the utility of a planner. Does take some time investment of course!


    Moshe ben David
  8. DIlan

    DIlan Loaded Pockets

    I got one as a gift today. It's made by Herlitz. Will post the picture tomorrow. It's just right size (fits in one hand), navy color and has phonebook add-on at the end. Now it's time to get another note to match that.
  9. rat-7

    rat-7 Loaded Pockets

    I ordered the 2017 organizer from Midori for my Passport Traveler. For 2016 I'm using the Note. Standard Memorandum and enjoyed it but wanted something the same size as my Traveler notebooks.
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  10. Gary Gross

    Gary Gross Loaded Pockets

    I use my phone. It syncs calendars with my tablet and laptop and I can log into it anywhere via the magic of Google. If I had a planner it would be forgotten or at least out of arm's reach most of the time. Strictly my $0.02. YMMV.
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  11. DIlan

    DIlan Loaded Pockets

    Interesting point of view. But I think paper ones are more convenient. Everything can be easily examined and I have good insight in every day. That's very important to me because plans often get disturbed and you have to do reprogramming your schedule. I don't trust these software companies that much. Every other day my apps get updated and then I have to adapt to a new interface and every single time there is more and more stuff so you can customize everything while I want just to set it quickly and forget it.
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  12. Gary Gross

    Gary Gross Loaded Pockets

    That's the great thing about EDC. Each person can come with a system that works for them.

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  13. rat-7

    rat-7 Loaded Pockets

    I have a lot of co-workers that go this route but I still fear the inevitable.... lost of power, computer corruption, etc..... Hard to lose power or corrupt a piece of paper. I always have one of my coworkers lost weekly because they broke or damaged their phone and lost all data...... They haven't figured out otterbox yet. lol
  14. Gary Gross

    Gary Gross Loaded Pockets

    Your point is well taken. I have enough devices that it hasn't been a problem and I rely mainly on cloud storage which can be accessed anywhere. I also don't have to carry a Fisher Space pen to write in the cold or rain. :p Although I do like the pens!
  15. rat-7

    rat-7 Loaded Pockets

    Anywhere with internet access. ;)
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  16. Gary Gross

    Gary Gross Loaded Pockets

    Also correct. There's almost nowhere I go that is outside of 4G coverage (and I like to travel). Obviously this doesn't hold true for everyone.
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