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Pants pocket attach point...ideas welcome

Discussion in 'Keychain Tools' started by bnate, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. bnate

    bnate Loaded Pockets

    So I have the Trayvax wallet coming in tomorrow.

    Hoping that this is the right place to post with this idea....

    I'm thinking of attaching the wallet to a lanyard of some type and then keep it secured by a large safety pin in my pants pocket. I wear dress pants for work, thus not sure if I want a belt clip...though I'm open, if it is subtle and can be pulled off in a business environment.

    Issue with a pocket attachment with a safety pin is the possibility of coming undone or tearing holes in pockets.

    Any other suggestions? ideas? solutions? things to consider with this idea?

    Thx so much in advance
  2. Gary Gross

    Gary Gross Loaded Pockets

    What's the purpose of attachment? Are you worried about the wallet falling out of your pocket?
  3. TiBoy

    TiBoy Loaded Pockets

    Sew a hidden pocket inside your pants' pocket.

  4. bnate

    bnate Loaded Pockets

    @Gary Gross ~ yes, concerned of loss and theft. I have my business credit card in there too, which I'm personally responsible for.

    @TiBoy ~ Thx, good idea.
  5. Gary Gross

    Gary Gross Loaded Pockets

    I've never lost a wallet in 47 years but the possibility is always there. When traveling I sometimes use a passport neck wallet under my shirt. I'll keep minimal cash and a single card in my wallet. Anything else (or anything that doesn't get used frequently) can go in the neck wallet.
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  6. gazz98

    gazz98 Loaded Pockets

    How about a retractable key chain attached to your belt by your back pocket? You can find some unobtrusive ones that might look good (polished metal?). No chain hanging down by your butt.
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  7. Water-Rat

    Water-Rat Loaded Pockets

    That trayvax wallet looks pretty small. If you keep it in your front pocket there should be minimal threat to lose it via theft or slipping out of the pocket. A year or two ago I switched from having a larger wallet in my back pocket to having a smaller wallet in my front pocket and that has made a lot of difference towards comfort and also is a harder target for thieves in my opinion. I work in a school and carry a County Comm NY-LA wallet in the right front pocket of my dress pants next to my keys every day.

    As to using a safety pin to pin it to your pocket, I think that would just be annoying and destroy the pocket over time. If you have any sewing skills you could sew a small loop of fabric or elastic on the inside of the pocket and then run a piece of cordage through that loop and through the hole on the Trayvax.

    Another option would be to have two wallets as suggested by Gary above. One super skinny wallet with important items like that business credit card in a front pocket and than another wallet in a back pocket. This can be annoying, but I do use this system with a dummy wallet when I travel in the city. The dummy wallet gets some cash and a couple gift cards and the real wallet gets my ID and credit cards.
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  8. Hi-up Lineman
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Hi-up Lineman Loaded Pockets

    I carry a Travax Summit with six cards/IDs and the armour plate. Never even had the thought of loss. Carries great in snug work jeans and relaxed dress slacks. I have a lanyard and bead in the hole to ease in removal from my pocket.
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  9. Jay-uk

    Jay-uk Loaded Pockets

    Hazard 4 civilian labs has a recoiling gear retractor that is very slim line.
    It has clips either end with the retractor bring central, therefore you can clip one end to the wallet, the other to your belt loop .
    Ive been doing it for 8 years problem free
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  10. ItsHardToKnow

    ItsHardToKnow Loaded Pockets

    Have you lost a wallet before?

    If the answer is yes: change whatever youre doing to lose them.
    If the answer is no: dont change a thing.

    Youre seeking answers to a problem that doesnt need to be asked.
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  11. bnate

    bnate Loaded Pockets

    Thanks all. It's also forgetfulness. Easy to set down a wallet and panic about where you left it. I hate that feeling

    I'm getting old....and I am trying to change what I'm doing...thus the question.
    Also, I've been workin on the minimalist approach to EDC. Many cards can be scanned into your phone with an app like KeyRing.
    I don't back pocket carry, only front pocket. To each his own.

    Thanks again to all.
    Be well
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