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The latest release of Tapatalk has been added.

Discussion in 'MEMBER RULES, GUIDELINES & ANNOUNCEMENTS' started by JonSidneyB, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. JonSidneyB
    • Administrator

    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared Staff Member

    Honestly I didn't look at what the changes are. I got an email from Tapatalk telling me a new version for XenForo has been released so we upgraded. I hope it helps the Tapatalk users.
  2. herosemblem

    herosemblem Loaded Pockets

    Nothing has changed on my end (using a Kindle Fire tablet...Android-powered). Attempted to update Tapatalk but no updates were detected. No PM functionality is present, just like before, but that's okay. I use my PC to get my CPF fix. Thanks for the update.
  3. JonSidneyB
    • Administrator

    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared Staff Member

    I am going to go see what Tapatalk says they updated.
  4. JonSidneyB
    • Administrator

    JonSidneyB Uber Prepared Staff Member

    XenForo Version 1.1.4 release

    Update Note:
    1. fixed topic watch status in unread list view
    2. fixed online user count issue
    3. fixed icon url patch issue on window server
    4. fixed max allowed attachment number issue
    4. added bold in quote username
    5. added pagination support in online page
    6. added chrome alert control in tapatalk options and optimized the alert
    7. added advanced topic/post delete option support
  5. cowsmilk

    cowsmilk EDC Junkie!!!!!

    I can now view, create, and edit conversations using tapatalk 2 on my android tablet. Haven't checked my phone yet.

    Update: just got the update for my phone. Conversations are now active on my as well.

    This is a major improvement as I had to cut to the browser to send or receive conversations with the prior version.

    Sent from my HTC VIEW 4G using Tapatalk 2
  6. Rattlesnake

    Rattlesnake Loaded Pockets

    Just used it. Honestly, I like the feel of the regualr forum better on my Ipad.