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What is your current EDC flashlight, part three.

Discussion in 'Flashlights & Other Illumination Devices' started by cowsmilk, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. GaryMc

    GaryMc Loaded Pockets

  2. Roguehunter

    Roguehunter Loaded Pockets

    Can u pm where u got the clip for lenslight. Not liking the delrin very much

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  3. Mp31x

    Mp31x Loaded Pockets

    Lumintop AAA. Always have this on me.

  4. TKC

    TKC Loaded Pockets

    I am still carrying the Malkoff MDC SHO.
  5. Kev2488

    Kev2488 Loaded Pockets

    This along with the Protac 1AAA but the PMW on low is a killer [​IMG]

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  6. weklund

    weklund Loaded Pockets

    One of my favorites in the rotation.

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  7. SurivStud

    SurivStud Loaded Pockets

    Fenix LD09

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  8. nolaradio

    nolaradio Loaded Pockets

    The Stylus Pro rides in my back pocket, the Thrunite in front pocket and the TerraLux is in my bag. [​IMG]

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  9. EZDog

    EZDog EDC Junkie!!!!!

    Not really an EDC but I can not stop blasting everything in sight with it since it came in Yesterday either!
    This thing is crazy for the size.
    There is a park across from my house with 4 fields divided on it and the ends are marked for Baseball games.
    Lets just say it is insane!

    Convoy C8

    Best $24 I have spent on a light maybe?
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  10. TankerSpec

    TankerSpec Loaded Pockets

    Solid copper Olight S1 mini Baton. Just picked this up the other day and I am looking forward to it getting a nice patina.

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  11. kottskrapa

    kottskrapa Loaded Pockets

    Got this one in the mail today!

    I just came home from a test run and I did thought that the difference between this one and the s10r 2 would be more. More of everything actually. But it is still a fantastic light and are brighter, longer throw and better run time so it will be my edc light for the rest of the winter (I think)


    Olight s30r 3

    It's not failure if you learn something from it
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  12. Anodized T

    Anodized T Empty Pockets

    Currently rotating between a Maratec Stainless 123, McLux PD on a Titanium C-Pak, and a Promethius Beta...Hard to pick a favorite
  13. Jars

    Jars Loaded Pockets

    I really love the Olight Strike...use it about 3-4 times a week next to the Niteye/Jetbeam Jet II Pro Ti and BC

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  14. ramos7849

    ramos7849 Empty Pockets


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