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What is your EDC knife, right now? (Chapter 11)

Discussion in 'Knives' started by cowsmilk, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Skivic

    Skivic Empty Pockets

    My new beer scout GEC maroon micarta [​IMG]

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  2. PBJS II

    PBJS II Loaded Pockets

    Had my Boker Copperhead in my shorts pocket.
    Now about to be asleep.
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  3. Adahn

    Adahn Loaded Pockets

    Ahm, ok. I get this part of your statement. And the rest, too, but I was only speaking about logos and what I think that they mean to most of the people, not about counterfeits in general.
  4. u99

    u99 Loaded Pockets

    ZT 0630 ORBLK
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  5. Skivic

    Skivic Empty Pockets

    Just dumped pockets 940-1, GEC 92 blue camel bone and blue alox pioneer [​IMG]

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  6. ThaMac

    ThaMac Loaded Pockets

    :censored: ya'll with your 940-1s. If that goes on I gotta sell my 940 and adopt one of those.

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  7. Hangman
    • GITD Manix 2XL Owner
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Hangman Loaded Pockets

    You should know by now, the right answer is to keep the 940 and get the 940-1.
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  8. Dirty Rod

    Dirty Rod Loaded Pockets

    I like his first option. Dump that raggedy 940 off to his good friend Dirty Rod for cheap and get that sexy new 940-1. No one wants to be seen with that old butter knife.
  9. Moshe ben David

    Moshe ben David Loaded Pockets

    Then let the 'knockoff' manufacturers market under their own name; let them stand on their own two feet based on whatever level of quality/performance they decide they can afford to come to market with. Customers in the 'knockoff' market who insist on buying 'knockoffs' that include the branding of the original product are as guilty of theft as are the knockoff manufacturers. Anyone can twist themselves through however many mental gyrations as they please to 'justify' this theft. But it remains theft, just as someone selling a book that was prepared via photocopying without waiver of copyrights or someone who brings to market a music CD without paying in rights to the artists is guilty of theft.

    We can continue to debate this forever -- or until the mods put a stop to it. In strictly legal terms it is theft. You can choose to accept that principle or not.

    Moshe ben David
  10. Moshe ben David

    Moshe ben David Loaded Pockets

    @ThaMac: well said! Bravo!


    Moshe ben David
  11. Squarebox
    • In Omnia Paratus

    Squarebox Loaded Pockets

    On a weekend hike
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  12. Jesus™

    Jesus™ Loaded Pockets

    No one was debating if it could be considered theft or not. The point I was trying to make is that all OEM's that have built a reputation for themselves insist on marking up prices to the point that you're not paying for the product anymore, your paying for a logo. Which is basically theft as well, since at that point you would be paying for something that you could never actually own. Unfortunately that's legal though. Also let me add that my post meant no offense to anyone, but if you think I care about multi million dollar corporations losing a few dollars you got me all wrong.

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  13. Dirty Rod

    Dirty Rod Loaded Pockets

    My only comment on this is that it's not always the multi-million dollar companies or companies that significantly mark up their products. I know a couple of small business owners that market products and struggle with people copying ideas but can't afford to fight it. I also know musicians who have see other groups, both larger and smaller, write very similar music and perform or sell it. Years back, I ran my own business selling inventory, P.O.S., and pager/cell tracking and activation software and spent a lot of time tracking down illegal copies and dealing with customers calling me that were looking for support. In '96 I had a booth at CES and there was a brand new company there that was marketing an "incredibly similar product" to one of mine and the guy running the booth was someone that had bought my software a few years prior. The look on his face told me that it was based on my code.

    That all said, folks can do what they want but I'm not one to reward anyone for copying someone else's work whether it's the product, logo, or reputation. If a company is marking up their products too much I just don't buy it. Too many other good choices around that aren't based on someone else's work.
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  14. Gogogordy

    Gogogordy Loaded Pockets

    IMO that's a voluntary arrangement....asking for and paying for the cache a certain product or brand of product has is capitalism at it's finest and one that is mutually entered into. If you dont want to pay $600 for an artisinal knife made by a passionate craftsmen you dont have to.

    But that doesnt make it right for someone to produce an outright lookalike so those who don't want to pay that price can appear to others that they DID just that. That makes the buyers of that very same knockoff are culpable as well in diminishing another's artistic or intellectual property.

    Selling dead knock-offs is a theft of that very cache, reputation and expectation of quality.

    In the military sense that same behavior is known as "stolen valor"..... very serious.
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  15. MAD777

    MAD777 Loaded Pockets

    That's a fine looking camp knife!
    Any details?

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  16. wiredbeans

    wiredbeans Loaded Pockets


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